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Review: QR Code Reader Code Muncher by Motek


code muncher

Motek, the company behind the popular screencapture app Screen Muncher, has recently released a QR code reader called Code Muncher. The app plays off the marketing success of Screen Muncher, by using similar branding and the recognizable “munching” sound whenever a QR code is read.

Code Muncher is available free as an ad-supported app that scans and reads 2D QR codes by simply launching the app and pointing your camera at them. As soon as the app recognizes the QR code, the famous “Motek Muncher Monster” will eat the code and allow you to view web sites, send SMS messages, call phone numbers, and save contact information from it. So how did it fare in testing? Hit the jump to find out.
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BlackBerry Style 9670 Review: The First Clamshell, Full QWERTY BlackBerry


blackberry style 9670

The BlackBerry Style is official and has launched on most carriers for $99.99 on a 2 year contract (after a mail-in rebate). With TELUS, the Style will be $49.99 on a three year contract. The Style comes in steel gray and royal purple, as well as the standard black and features BlackBerry 6 out of the box.

The Style is an interesting form factor that has been hugely popular over the years but isn’t necessarily a modern trend. When you look at the devices that are gaining a lot of steam and popularity, a clamshell form factor doesn’t come to mind. Still, you can’t deny the prevalence of these devices and if anyone is going to do it at a good price point and modern design, it’s RIM. I’ve been using the device for about a month now, so lets take a deep look at this device, and see what it’s like. Hit the jump for the full review.
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Solid YouTube Video Review of the BlackBerry Bold 9780


A Dutch consumer website reviewed the BlackBerry Bold 9780 with a really solid video (subtitled) and put it up on YouTube. Some highlights of the review include:

  • The pictures won’t blow you away.
  • They’ve doubled the RAM.
  • Review device running

The review in Dutch can be found here.

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Blueant S1 Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Kit with Multipoint Review


I have tried the Blueant S1 Sun Visor for a few months now and I really do enjoy it. Recently, the popular hands-free laws have taken effect in Ontario, making devices such as this much more needed than ever before. The Blueant S1 Sun Visor features:

  • Multipoint: connect 2 phones and answers the one that rings
  • Full DSP noise and echo cancellation
  • Voice dialing (if supported by your phone)
  • Bluetooth 2.0 Headset and Handsfree Profiles
  • Stream music from A2DP Bluetooth phones
  • Operates up to 10 meters from the phone
  • Up to 15 hours talk time; 800 hours standby

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Review of the Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100


The original BlackBerry Pearl 8100 was a breakthrough device. It was the first BlackBerry to sport a camera as well as being the first trackball-controlled device. It was obvious upon its December 2006 release that RIM was taking aim at the Nokia feature phone market with a new breed of consumer-friendly devices.

Since then, the BlackBerry Pearl has been a regular character in the cast of top 10 stateside-sold smartphones. Usually priced at around $100, the BlackBerry Pearl form factor is a proven product line that, thanks to the Pearl 3G, can no longer be labeled entry-level.
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Review: Blur Racing for BlackBerry


Blur Racing for BlackBerry is a mobile racing game based on a console racing game by Bizarre Creations- the studio who produced the now-legendary Geometry Wars series on Xbox 360. Blur is a racing game with lots of power-ups and different modes of play. The style of play reminds me of a lot of destruction-style race games in which it’s just as valuable to be leading the pack, as it is to be destroying or damaging other cars.
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