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Review: SimCity Societies for BlackBerry by Electronic Arts


SimCity Societies for BlackBerry is a socio-economic simulator by EA.

While traditional SimCity games are billed as “city-building simulators”, SimCity Societies focuses more on your city’s population and their needs as a society.

Something that shapes the look an feel of your city is the political spectrum. As mayor if you implement a lot of authoritative policies, your city will look the part with secret police stations and early curfews . If your focus is business then your city will take on a capitalist tone with skyscrapers and department stores. If you like it liberal, your city will be able to have buildings like a game development company and a recycling center.
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Review: New York Rollercoaster Rush by Digital Chocolate


New York Rollercoaster Rush is a two-button game from Digital Chocolate. In the game, your grandfather is an amusement park tycoon and you have to ride all of his 99 rollercoasters in order for you to be considered worthy enough to operate the fun family business. NY Rollercoaster Rush is the latest installment in Digital Chocolate’s popular rollercoaster series of games.

As with all Digital Chocolate games, the gameplay and controls are refreshingly simple. Before riding you get to examine the rollercoaster plans and take note of some of the major drops and loop-the-loops.
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Review: Boeing Bomber! by 123Berry for BlackBerry


The object of Boeing Bomber! is to bomb an entire skyline so that you may land safely atop rubble. It’s a one button game so when the center of your Boeing bomber is directly atop the tallest of the quazi-futuristic condos, click to release a bomb. There is no room for error and you must always bomb the tallest building or you will crash into it on your next pass.

The Game plays like a Commodore 64 game and builds zen-like patience in the early stages because of the slow speed of your plane. Later levels can be quite challenging and exhilarating because completing a stage causes your bomber to travel faster and faster. The trickiest part to every level is when the next-tallest building is on the very left. You’ll only have an instant to drop a bomb and you should be ready when the plane is almost done its last pass.
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Review: Rove Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional


We have written about Rove’s Mobile Admin product several times on BlackBerryCool and while the feature set and demo is impressive, we haven’t seen many in-depth reviews of the software. Mobile Admin 5.1 is the latest version of the software, allowing secure mobile access for IT admins so they can investigate and resolve IT incidents from their BlackBerry.

Andrew Garcia of eWeek took Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional for a test run, and found it “provides an excellent way for data center administrators to monitor and troubleshoot server and application issues from their mobile device, granting administrators better control and faster response times when they are out of the office.” Andrew did find a few instances where the software could be improved, which is important in any well-rounded review.

Check out Andrew’s review of Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional at eWeek.

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Tungle for BlackBerry Beta Review: The Easiest Way to Schedule Meetings


About a month ago we told you that Tungle are looking for volunteers to beta test their upcoming BlackBerry application. Tungle is a beautiful service that makes scheduling meetings very easy. The concept is very simple and is based on allowing you to suggest times for a meeting based on availability, and allow attendees to either accept the meeting invite or propose different times. Today, I’ll take you through the beta application and show you what’s in store for BlackBerry users.

The test meeting I’m going to use is a basic meetup on Skype that I have done a thousand times and often book with the same contacts. I have invited BlackBerryCool writers Nan Palmero and Matt Cameron, to get on a Skype call this week and talk about our plans for WES 2010. Here is how it’s done with Tungle for BlackBerry:
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LinkedIn for BlackBerry Review: What to Expect From Version 1.0


LinkedIn for BlackBerry is a much anticipated app, especially given the BlackBerry and LinkedIn demographics are similar. While the app has been available on the iPhone for around 2 years, the BlackBerry launch was significantly delayed. In speaking with Adam Nash, VP of Search and Platform Products at LinkedIn, there doesn’t seem to be any real reason for the delay, or at least one they felt comfortable sharing. Their explanation for the gap between launches amounted to “it was important to find the right time to build for BlackBerry.” In my opinion, the right time was 2 years ago, but it’s literally none of my business.

When LinkedIn for BlackBerry launched, there were a lot of users who had problems getting the app to launch. It’s not always clear why these things happen, as a number of issues arise when you’re dealing with different device models, OS builds, carrier networks and BES vs BIS setups. I think everyone needs to take a little blame when it comes to bugs on launch. RIM have built an app environment that lends itself to app issues, given so many combinations of device setups, and the company could have been beta testing enough to fully cover the 3 devices (Tour, Bold, Curve) they support.
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