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Tumblr for BlackBerry Review: Video Bug but Overall Quality App


Recently, Tumblr released the first official version of its Blackberry app, and as a Tumblr user myself, I thought I would give it a review.

First, the visuals. Those familiar with Tumblr’s iPhone app will feel at home. From desaturated blue to light gray, Tumblr’s color scheme looks good on my 9700’s bright screen.

On the main menu, there are the usual options for sending data to Tumblr: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video, each with icons identical to Tumbr’s web site. Access to each of these menus is accompanied by smooth, wipe transitions. In the upper left-hand corner, users can access their Tumblr dashboards, and in the upper right-hand, settings.
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Review of QwikClique vs Iconify: Two Quick-Icon Applications


Shortcuts are an important part of the BlackBerry experience. Apps such as SuperQWERTY, QuickLaunch and even Vlingo, all help to make everything a little more efficient, by reducing the amount of input required.

Putting a shortcut on your homescreen is a great app idea because it leaves both a shortcut and a visual reminder of the person you often talk to or a website you often visit. A little while ago Iconify by emacberry launched, providing two versions of their quick icon app. With either the 15 or 50 link version, you can create icons on the homescreen to dial, mail or PIN message a contact, or visit a website. Recently, QwikClique by The Jared Company launched, offering 5 shortcut icons to contacts of your choice. As both these apps serve similar functions, lets compare their feature sets:
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Beta Review: foursquare for BlackBerry



After Matt wrote about the BlackBerry launcher for foursquare, we got a link to the Beta and I thought I’d post some impressions and screenshots of the app because it’s really cool, and personally I feel like it’s ready for launch.

The foursquare BlackBerry app has all the features you would expect including checkins, shout outs, place search, leaderboards and access to the foursquare place directory.

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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of January 4th


Inverted BlackBerry Cool Zen Background Image

This is the first week after the holidays and there were some great apps launched as well as some awesome apps such as UberTwitter have been updated. We’re also expecting big updates from Slacker and Poynt in the near future so keep an eye out for them. Stay tuned for some CES 2010 coverage, with BlackBerry Cool correspondent and power user Nan Palmero.

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Empower Threaded SMS Viewer Review



One of my favorite apps on my BlackBerry is the new BlackBerry Messenger 5. The features, UI, and style all make messaging an awesome experience. One of my favorite features is the threaded messaging capabilities used. Sadly, this is a feature left behind when it comes to SMS on the BlackBerry. Supposedly, this is a feature soon to be coming to BlackBerry OS 5 in the future. While we wait for RIM to introduce truly threaded SMS I went on a search for third party apps to bring this much needed feature to my phone.
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TELUS BlackBerry Tour 9630 review, pics and comparisons



I’ve been playing around with the BlackBerry Tour 9630 on TELUS and I’ve put together my impressions, pics and some Bold and 8900 comparison points. This BlackBerry Tour is not a commercial unit, so while it’s running final code, it didn’t come with all the branded packaging – not that you would really care.

In general, this device is where the Curve 8900 meets the Bold. This is indicative of RIM’s latest device strategy of making hybrids to satisfy a gray area of customers, while working on the the more evolutionary devices which take longer to produce. This strategy is summed up as follows:

“You may not love every BlackBerry released by RIM, but rest assured there is a BlackBerry for everyone.”

Now let’s take a deeper look at this device.
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