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Development as a service for mobile – RhoHub free public beta


Rhomobile has officially announced RhoHub, the world’s first Development-as-a-Service for Mobile, providing a web-based service for both smartphone app development and hosting of mobile applications, making native mobile applications easier to build, deploy and run on all smartphones.

RhoHub Features:
– Hosted editing and development of native applications
– Hosted build capabilities for all smartphones
– Optional OTA provisioning service
– Optional hosted sync server
– Makes developers five times more productive for even a single smartphone OS
– Allows developers to write apps using Rhodes in HTML and simultaneously build for all smartphones
– Supports BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and iPhone

The RhoHub public beta is currently available at no charge.

Once out of beta, RhoHub will be available to developers for a monthly fee that is dependent on the number of users and size of the app.