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Fixmo Raises $6.5 Million for Enterprise Mobile Management and Protection Solution



It’s great to hear about Canadian companies raising funds as it seems Silicon Valley seems to be eating all the cash these days. Fixmo, a company that delves in both enterprise and consumer mobile solutions and is based in Toronto, Canada, has raised $6.5 million in financing. The Series B funding round was led by new investor Panorama Capital, with existing investors Rho Ventures Canada, iNovia Capital, Extreme Venture Partners and management participating. The funding is going to help grow Fixmo’s enterprise mobile management and protection solutions business which was all the rage at BlackBerry World this year.

The Fixmo solution provides device assurance, policy compliance, and device audit solutions, as well as tools that allow enterprises to manage their entire mobile infrastructure, end-to-end, through a single interface. It also probably helps that the Co-Founder and CEO Rick Segal is well versed in raising capital, as he used to be with the BlackBerry Partners Fund.

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Rick Segal Co-Founder of Fixmo Talks BlackBerry Startups



Rick Segal is one of the co-founders of Fixmo Tools, an app company that packages a bunch of utilities to help improve your BlackBerry. The apps do a variety of things such as change your profiles based on your Calendar events, edit your emails before they’re sent, manage your memory, track your battery power and more.

According to Segal, “Canada is the best place on the planet to start a business,” as government programs available to entrepreneurs in Canada are amazing, and give a competitive advantage. One such program is scientific research and development credits, which can go along way to cutting costs on developing new technologies. I’m not sure if Fixmo Tools qualifies for these credits, but with the right guy behind the proposal, you could probably fit anything into that program.
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BlackBerry Developer Conference: the Interviews (BlackBerry Cool Podcast)


The BlackBerry Cool Podcast

Ok, so we’re a little late (early?) with this edition of The BlackBerry Cool Podcast. Blame the Blackberry Developer Conference – the sunny weather and good times left us pretty unreceptive to Ottawa’s dreary climate, making doing any sort of work quite difficult.

We’ve been thinking quite a bit about BBDC this past week, because it was such a clear marker of the sea change currently underway in the BlackBerry ecosystem. There is so much energy coming from RIM and BlackBerry developers right now. The amount of cool applications displayed during the BlackBerry Cool 15, the BBDC Keynote, or by enthusiastic developers with BlackBerrys in hand was mind-boggling. If you weren’t there yourself, you wouldn’t believe BlackBerrys could do these things. I’m sure with the new APIs and tools being released by RIM, the software we see at WES will be even better.

To that end, this week’s entire podcast is dedicated to the people that help make BBDC worthwhile: developers and the VC’s that fund them.

Beth Marcus, Zeemote
Evgeny Lebanidze, BeamBerry
Peter Werry, Multiplied (Poynt)
Robert Kao, SmrtGuard (PeeKaWho)
Rick Segal, BlackBerry Partners Fund

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get anyone from BlackBerry Cool 15 winner Nobex on the podcast (they were too busy cashing their 150,000 cheque), but we’ll have them on next week. Downloading/streaming options for the BlackBerry Cool Podcast can be found after the jump, as well as links to all the relevant news stories. Enjoy!

Special thanks to BlackBerry Cool Podcast sponsor, Rove Mobile, and BBDC coverage sponsor, bitHeads!

BlackBerry Developer Conference Key News

BlackBerry Cool 15: Win a BlackBerry Storm (or two)!


BlackBerry Storms at the BlackBerry Cool 15

We’re now a weekend away from the BlackBerry Developer Conference, and I couldn’t be more excited. Mike Lazaridis keynote, hands on with the BlackBerry Storm, and the BlackBerry Cool 15. Oh wait, that reminds me, we’ve been talking about the BlackBerry Cool 15 all week, and we haven’t mentioned what the prizes are. Developers take note:

RICK SEGAL OF THE BLACKBERRY PARTNERS FUND will be participating as a judge and taking a keen interest in the applications presented. He will have offer sheets in hands and he is looking to spend, spend, spend.

WE’RE GIVING AWAY TWO BLACKBERRY STORMS! That’s right, not one, but two BlackBerry Storms will be given away at the BlackBerry Cool 15! While one will obviously be going to the developer with the best application, we haven’t decided what to do with the other one yet. Maybe give it to a lucky member of the audience? We’ll see…

You now have NO REASON to miss the BlackBerry Cool 15. Meet us at the Marriott Hotel in session rooms California 7-9 at 8pm on Monday, October 20th (right after the welcome reception). We’ll see you there!

Register for the BlackBerry Cool 15
More information about the BlackBerry Cool 15

A special thanks must go out to Rick Segal, Mike Kirkup and everyone at RIM/BlackBerry Partners Fund that has turned this wishful thinking into a reality.

BlackBerry Cool 15 Update: More Judges, Developers and Prizes!


BlackBerry Cool 15

We’re less than a week away from the BlackBerry Developer Conference, which means that we’re less than a week away from THE BLACKBERRY COOL 15! Since our initial post about our first developer focused event, a lot of excitement has been floating into our inbox. We have some updates for you, so we thought now would be a good time to fuel the fire:

    First off, we’ve confirmed the time and place. The BlackBerry Cool 15 will take place on Monday, October 20th, from 8pm-9pm, in breakout rooms California 7-9 of the Santa Clara Marriott. This is right after the welcome reception on the Mobility Pavilion, and we’ll be making sure to carry on the relaxed atmosphere with adult beverages and snacks.

    We also have two new judges to introduce: Blogger Troy D. Brown of BlackBerryNews.com and Rick Segal of the BlackBerry Partners Fund! We’re particularly excited to have Rick joining us, as he is eager to break open the vault and cough up some term sheet love for the BlackBerry Nation. Cha-ching!

    We’ve also had a lot of interest from developers who would like to demo software that doesn’t quite meet our pre-1.0 release state. We’ve thus decided to open up the BlackBerry Cool 15 to software that is still in ‘back of napkin’ state or went 1.0 as recently as September 1st. Bring your PowerPoint presentation, your napkin scribblings, a working build or a healthy dose of charisma — if you want to participate, we want you there!

    Now for the fun stuff — the prizes. While we can’t make any announcements yet (sorry), in talking with Rick Segal today, it was decided that the prize had to be something “different”. Stay tuned!!

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More information about the BlackBerry Cool 15

BlackBerry Developer Conference Blowout! Panels, Money, Devices, BlackBerry Cool 15?


blackberry developer conference 08

October is here and that means we’re only a few weeks away from the BlackBerry Developer Conference, which is running from October 20-22nd. Not only is the BlackBerry Cool staff excited to make time with all the BlackBerry Developers out there, we’re also participating in an official capacity.

Our boy Kevin from CrackBerry also broke some exciting news yesterday when he reported that the BlackBerry Developer Conference is going to be littered with free BlackBerrys for attendees! I know for a fact that BlackBerry Developers are always in need of a few extra BlackBerrys for testing, so this should make everyone happy (oh please let them be BlackBerry Storms!). I’ve also heard a rumor floating around that the two Best of Show $150,000 Developer Grand Prizes might be doubled!! That’s over half a million in prizes, folks, and that doesn’t even include the prize money for the individual Developer Challenge categories!

blackberry cool 15

UPDATE: Just got an email from Rick Segal of the BlackBerry Partners Fund. He loves the idea, and is going to sponsor us!! Still not sure about the name (post some suggestions, please), but for now the BLACKBERRY COOL 15 IS ON! More info to come!

There’s one more thing I wanted to float by you, though. Even though the BBDC is all about developers, with so many of them at the show, it’s going to be hard for many to get the exposure they need. BlackBerry Cool has been thinking about running an event during the BlackBerry Developer Conference… an event (maybe) called the BlackBerry Cool 15. Here’s the idea:

  • We get about 15 registered developers all in one room with an audience.
  • We’ll give them 1-2 minutes to pitch their idea or application, followed by 2-3 minutes of questioning by a judges panel.
  • After all the developers have made their pitch, the audience members vote on what was the best BlackBerry application.
  • We’ll film the whole thing and give all the developers great exposure, and some cool prizes to the winner.

What do you think BlackBerry Nation? Does it sound like a (ahem) ‘cool’ idea? Post a comment and let us know. We’ll see you in Santa Clara!