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Lodsys Patent Troll Hits First BlackBerry Developer – Will RIM Step Up?


Lodsys has been making headlines over the past few months as it has been sending letters to developers across iPhone, Android and now BlackBerry, saying the developers are infringing on its patents by using in-app payments. Let’s be clear about something before we continue: Lodsys does not design, code, build or engineer a single product. Lodsys simply owns a small number of vague patents and has been sending demand letters to dozens of large and small companies. Click through to continue reading about the first BlackBerry developer hit with a demand letter from Lodsys.
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RIM Officially Responds to Class Action Lawsuit Saying It’s “Without Merit”


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A class action lawsuit was filed not too long ago against RIM claiming that the company misled investors regarding its financial condition and business prospects. We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here or what the law says about these investments, but it seems like the recent stock plunge has something to do with it. Chances are that an investment firm has lost a lot of money in RIM stock and is looking to mitigate that loss with a lawsuit payback. What investors should be doing is not reacting so emotionally to the market. Smartphone sales are up globally and RIM is well positioned to accommodate this growth. So Relax.
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Kik Files Statement of Defence and Counterclaim Against RIM Lawsuit



After Kik was granted an extension of time by the Courts, the company has filed a statement of defence and counterclaim in its lawsuit with RIM. In the statement, Kik (Ted Livingston), denies having any access to BBM source code or confidential documents and says they’re not infringing on RIM’s trademarks or patents. The fact that Ted was an employee at RIM, working on the BBM team, will make all of this very difficult to prove, especially considering his role as Project Coordinator.
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RIM Slaps Kik Messenger with Patent Lawsuit


We knew this day would come eventually when we learned more about why Kik was pulled from App World. RIM has filed a patent lawsuit against Kik, and while we don’t know the exact patents RIM is claiming Kik has infringed on, a good guess is that it has to do with a RIM patent on BBM’s sent, delivered, read, and typing indicators. Considering the CEO of Kik, Ted Livingston, used to work at RIM, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think he had insider knowledge about the patent details.

Here is a thought: maybe RIM wouldn’t have sued Kik if they didn’t use this patent on other devices. The fact that the company essentially brought BBM to other platforms in such a way is bad for RIM’s business. Carriers will often say that BBM is the number 1 customer retention tool for BlackBerry, and if this opens up to other platforms they lose a bit of competitive advantage.

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App World Vendor Agreement Updated with Privacy Policy Changes


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RIM legal has made changes to the BlackBerry App World Vendor Agreement on the Vendor Portal, and the changes mainly pertain to section 8.2 which deals with Privacy and Data Protection. Privacy is a hot topic right now, with social networks such as Facebook taking heat for the data they’re collecting, and location based services such as Foursquare, being told they pose a risk to people leaving their homes unattended. It doesn’t look like the most recent changes put any new pressure on developers, but it looks like RIM legal is making an effort to make sure they’re covered on all fronts.

Click here to download a copy of the vendor agreement with changes shown.

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Nortel bidding starts today: RIM still not signing agreement


RIM executives

Today in New York, the bidding starts for Nortel Networks Corp.’s largest business unit. RIM has been denied entry into the bidding process because it has failed to sign an agreement that the other businesses have signed.

Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski, has explained to the press that RIM is refusing to sign what Zafirovski has called “a standard non-disclosure agreement before getting a close look at Nortel’s books.”

RIM has said it will continue to find ways to purchase the business unit and add it to RIM’s valuable intellectual property portfolio. If RIM does manage to purchase the business unit, they will have access to CDMA and LTE technology which will go a long way to improving BlackBerry devices and network infrastructure.

“That’s really what these guys are after,” said Nizar Assnie, vice-president of Vancouver-based IE Market Research Corp. The next-generation technology will provide carriers with the ability to offer cellphones with advanced, data-heavy features such as video streaming at ultra-fast speeds. Leading in LTE is a must “if you’re going to be a serious network infrastructure player in the wireless space [in] ten years,” he said.

There is clearly something more to the “standard non-disclosure agreement” that is causing RIM to refuse to sign. If one had to guess, the agreement probably contains some element that RIM legal, Balsillie and Lazardis, deem to be detrimental to the profitability of the purchase. Either that, or perhaps they don’t see the purchase as being a necessary step for the company, and they’re saying “take our offer or leave it, we’re not signing anything.”