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BlackBerry PlayBook TV Spot Shows How It Differs From Other Tablets


A BlackBerry Playbook TV spot recently aired in North America and the 30-second spot showed off some of the features differentiating the Playbook from other tablets. The ad places a big emphasis multitasking, desktop-like browsing and portability.

The browsing experience seems to always be the star of the show, probably because Flash is the most obvious missing feature from the iPad. They’ve been showcasing Vimeo to show that the browser is capable of running Flash video just like a desktop browser. Also, it’s not just Flash, but Flash 10.2 which supports Stage Video. Stage Video will deliver better video quality while making more efficient use of the processor and memory.
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Tablets at SXSWi: How the Big Three Were Positioning Themselves


ipad 2
Alexia Tsotsis interviewing an iPad 2 owner. At one point he said “I’m so excited I can’t talk.” I think that perfectly sums up Apple fans.

While SXSWi was mostly about apps and software, there was still some buzz about tablets. The three big players were there showing off their tablets: Android had the Motorola XOOM, Apple had their iPad 2 and RIM was present with the PlayBook. All three players had different strategies at the show and some were by far more effective than others.
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Love What You Do: RIM’s Chief Marketing Officer Resigns


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RIM’s chief marketing officer, Keith Pardy, has just resigned, citing “personal reasons” for his departure. The resignation is terrible timing as RIM is in a critical phase for marketing as the company launches its first tablet and begins a transition to a QNX OS. Even though the resignation may have nothing to do with events at the company, the resignation doesn’t bode well considering how much marketing is needed in the coming months. Apparently Pardy will stay on for the next 6 months to help transition in somebody new. Hopefully the new marketing officer will do a great job of promoting the “new” BlackBerry.

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Official SharePoint Client for BlackBerry Coming This Year



We’ve recently heard about some of the updates coming to the BlackBerry Platform with respect to the enterprise side of things including cloud-based BES solutions. Alec Taylor, vice president of product marketing at RIM, has confirmed that we’ll also be seeing an official SharePoint client for BlackBerry that lets you manage documents and calendar events for your device.
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BlackBerry PlayBook Ads Promote Powerful Hardware


YouTube Link

The latest BlackBerry PlayBook ads are up on youtube.com/blackberry and they’re focused on promoting the PlayBook’s powerful hardware. The dual-core processors will make for some excellent multitasking but RIM has opted to not talk about apps or the web experience in these ads. Flash support is an easy way to explain the benefits of picking up a PlayBook and it’s definitely a big competitive advantage. Granted there aren’t many apps available for the PlayBook just yet, but showing off things like Facebook games would look really cool. It took RIM a long time to push out ads showing apps on a BlackBerry (super apps campaign), and they should continue with PlayBook ads. The other two ads are after the jump.
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BlackBerry, Frank’s Hot Sauce and Chili Pens “Spark” Possibilities


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Our buddy RogersDude69 sent over something funny. Apparently BlackBerry reps are going around Rogers retail stores and handing out their latest marketing initiative called “spark possibilities”. What do you think of when you hear the word “spark”? Frank’s Hot Sauce and a chili pen of course. Let’s file this one under WTF Marketing and just forget about it. Agreed?

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