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RIM Finally Includes BlackBerry Apps in Their Commercials


It’s sort of strange how long it has taken for RIM to finally begin advertising the fact that their is such a thing as BlackBerry apps and users can download them on their device. In their latest TV spot, RIM is advertising the Super Apps concept which is cool but it would have been nice to see more than one app in the ad. At the very end of the ad, they show you a series of icons representing Super Apps (is Urban Spoon really a super app?), and there are a lot of cool apps they could have showcased. Why didn’t RIM showcase themes? The ability to customize your device in any way you’d like is a great advantage for BlackBerry and they should be advertising this on TV. Pageonce Personal Finance is definitely an awesome app but hopefully RIM will show off a little more in the coming ads.

Xomad’s BBM Lounge Party for Mark Salling’s Record Release Party


Mark Salling record release Xomad

Xomad had another BBM Lounge party and if you’re confused about what these parties are about – you’re not alone. The parties are being help by Xomad who get money from RIM marketing to position BlackBerry and BBM as a nightlife brand in young Hollywood. The latest party coincided with Mark Salling’s record release party and featured hors d’oeuvres and themed cocktails like the BlackBerry Lemonade.

Does any other smartphone manufacturer sponsor parties like this? Does it even work? Marketing dollars can influence consumers but it’s generally on a much more massive scale. It’s hard to imagine that getting a group of minor celebrities together to awkwardly pose with a BlackBerry has any impact on perception of BBM or BlackBerry.

Check out the full Flickr page here.

Drake Writes His Lyrics Exclusively on a BlackBerry


drake rapping off his blackberry

It’s hard to tell if these kind of stories are planted by RIM marketing or if they’re legitimate but apparently Drake writes his lyrics on a BlackBerry and reads them off the device in the studio. “I can’t write my raps on paper,” says Drake. “The BlackBerry keys, my thumbs were made for touching them, ya know?”

Noah Shebib, a Canadian producer and engineer says, “All of Drake’s raps, for eternity, have all been written inside of a BlackBerry. I mean [it’s] to the point where if he doesn’t have a BlackBerry, we gotta go get somebody who’s got one.” He adds “I’ve even had dummy BlackBerrys around to pull out for him to write on if he needs one.”

Considering Drake has been around marketing BlackBerrys for some time, we don’t know if he was a fan before or after the money came in. Either way, it’s still funny to hear about someone writing so much on those little keys. Here at BlackBerryCool, we had someone submit a pretty lengthy article from their BlackBerry.

New BlackBerry Torch Ad Shows Media Capabilities


YouTube Link

The first BlackBerry Torch commercial was pretty cool but it took some criticism for showing off features (eg keyboard) that weren’t really going to impress consumers. Also, the ad sounds like it’s going to break out into Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5″. The latest ad is up on BlackBerry’s YouTube channel and it shows off the media capabilities of the phone. The commercial takes place in San Francisco, where RIM is going to host the 2010 developer conference. Considering the iPhone presence in San Francisco, California and the Valley, why does RIM insist on shooting commercials and hosting conferences there? Get your own turf.

Miranda Kerr is My Vote for the Face of BlackBerry


RIM need a face for the BlackBerry brand and my vote is for Miranda Kerr. It’s Friday so anything goes when it comes to posts. Enjoy!
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TiVo Release Analytics About BlackBerry Marketing vs Palm



According to a recent study by TiVo of its users, Palm ads were skipped over less often than BlackBerry ads. Palm ads were less skipped overall in households with incomes over $150,000, and they were also shorter. Around 97% of Palm ads ran for about 15 seconds, and they logged 30% less fast-forwarding than 30 second ads.
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