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Free Vringo video ringtone app beta now for Tour and 8900 Curve



Vringo is a video ringtone service for your mobile device that includes a social component so you can share your favorite videos with friends. When their beta launched this August they had support for only the Bold. Now Tour and 8900 Curve users try out their fully functional social and visual ringtone application.

The service provides a large catalog of free video ringtones and it also lets you turn your own videos into a video ringtone format.

Try the free Vringo video ringtone beta on your Bold, Tour, and Curve 8900.

To make and edit your own video ringtones, check out Vringo Studio.


Ringtone Maker and Shuffler customizes your BlackBerry



I have always been big into media on my BlackBerry. There are two different applications that I came across that really jumped out at me in my search for the ultimate media application: Ringtone Creator and Ringtone Shuffler.
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Get a free ringtone no strings attached with mSpot


mSpot.com launched this week, and it allows users to create and customize their own ringtones (think fun DIY). Just go to the site, click the giveaway tab and create your ringtone. The site is giving away 1 free ringtone while supplies last so get it now.

Get your free custom created ringtone, here.

Want tips on making a good ringtone?
-Use the fades because some songs will give you a shock when they first play.
-Choose a part of the song you won’t mind hearing over and over.
-Remember it’s easier to hear a tune than lyrics.


VibAndRing v.1.1 for BlackBerry Reviewed!


Many of us are pretty dissatisfied with RIM’s choice to leave out a “vibe and ring” option in the BlackBerry OS. Fabian Heuwieser, the maker of popular applications like Email Display On and SMS Display On brings us VibAndRing, an application designed to fill this gap.

VibAndRing does exactly that: makes your BlackBerry vibrate and ring at the same time, whenever you receive an incoming call.

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Bplay sale tempts potentially productive students with BlackBerry themes and games



Well, the school year’s barely started, and Bplay has already clenched their vicelike grip on the woefully short attention spans of the world’s BlackBerry-toting student populace. Absolutely every item they’ve got in store has had its prices cut substantially. Who knows how long the savings will stick around, so better get hopping. Not sure what to get? Here are our top five picks for themes and games. Be sure to check out their ringtone gallery, too!


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Our picks for BlackBerry themes behind the jump…

Shady European ringtone dealers to be investigated


Buy a ringtone from Sesame StreetRingtones are without a doubt one of the most popular mobile markets out there, and apparently a healthy chunk of them aren’t playing by the rules. The European Union has looked at over 500 websites and found that 80% garnered investigation in regards to misleading charges, secret contract agreements, and misusing the word “free”. There’s an FAQ detailing how the EU is going to continue the process, and they’ve already posted a list of many retailers who have been flagged, so before you buy any ringtones, be sure to make sure they’re legit, and for your own sake, read the fine print. In the end, you could just use cellsea to convert your own ringtones…

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