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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day With Free BBM Avatar Pack and Free Ringtone Pack


St Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and people everywhere will be celebrating their love of drinking beer until they puke on the sidewalk and get a ticket for urinating in public. Whether or not that’s how you plan to celebrate, your St Patty’s Day will be better with a free avatar pack and free ringtone pack from the good guys over at Motek. The ringtone pack includes “Dance To The Harp” and “Lovely Irish Air” for your listening pleasure. The avatar pack has the “Official Irish Drinking Team” and “Wee Bit O’Irish”. Enjoy!
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BlackBerryCool Launches New Store for Apps, Games, Themes and More


bplay and blackberrycool

BlackBerryCool is now working with Bplay to serve apps, games, themes and ringtones. We still have a mobihand account so you can find your apps on our store. The difference is that the site no longer links to Mobihand and we’re going to be working with Bplay to help build their app catalog. This new change won’t affect coverage in any way, and the only difference is we’re making it easier to find premium content. Here are the links to our store sections:

The main store page is at blackberrycool.bplay.com.
Our games page is at blackberrycool.bplay.com/games.
Themes can be found at blackberrycool.bplay.com/themes.
Ringtones are here blackberrycool.bplay.com/ringtones.

Also, be sure to check out the mobile versions as they’re fully optimized and look great on touchscreens. Enjoy!

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Electric Pocket Releases Affordable Ringtone Remix App


ringtone remix app

Electric Pocket has released a ringtone remix app that lets you make your own ringtones. The app lets you select music from your own music collection, create a ringtone, and then you can select particular contacts to use with your new ringtone. Features of the app include:
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Personalize your BlackBerry email notifications with MailTones



Electric Pocket recently launched a cool new application for BlackBerry that gives you the ability to personalize the alert tone for incoming emails. The app lets you set a different tone for each and every friend, family member or colleague in your Address Book, and there’s a large variety of tones available.

MailTones lets you set a tone for a specific user, or one for all incoming emails from a specific domain – making it easy to recognize incoming emails from work colleagues or customers. In fact, MailTones can help you distinguish high priority emails from your boss or wife from lower priority emails from college buddies, Facebook status updates, or email lists. You can develop your own system for screening incoming emails by setting your default mail tone to silent, or ignore, and using MailTones to set specific tones for higher priority people and subjects. You can then know whether or not to interrupt your meeting or conversation to check your email.

MailTones is available for $2.99 from the BlackBerry Cool Store.

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Apps preloaded on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 and alternatives UPDATED



Today is the first day of owning a BlackBerry Storm 2 and as with every BlackBerry, you can get apps preloaded, from App World, and from third party stores such as ours.

In general, carriers do a fairly bad job at preloading your device with applications that are useful. Alternatively, there are a ton of great apps in App World and elsewhere that anyone can download. So let’s take a look at the state of the apps for the Storm2 at launch.
Click through to see what is available for the Storm2

Bplay now offers PayPal for mobile purchases



Bplay is the leading third party vendor of games and themes for BlackBerry. Recently, they updated their purchasing systems to include the Click and Buy payment option. Click and Buy could be considered the European equivalent of Paypal.

Now, Bplay offers PayPal, but only on mobile purchases. Apparently, offering PayPal on desktop isn’t as easy to implement.

As App World continues to offer only one payment option, it is quickly getting outpaced by every other vendor that can offer multiple payment solutions.