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Free ringtones available from BlackBerry mobile site


Free BlackBerry Ringtones

A bunch of new free ringtones for BlackBerry popped up on mobile.blackberry.com which kind of look like they didn’t make the final cut to be prepackaged with the BlackBerry Bold, as they’re sporting the familiar Inspired and Pro series names. They’re all the high quality you’d expect right from RIM, and worth nabbing real quick if you’re looking for a taste of the Bold on another device.

(via BerryReview)

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Bounty out for location-based profiles app


BountyVarious Nokia handset enjoy a little function that automatically changes the calling profile (vibrate, quiet, etc.) based on your GPS location and the time, which fellow blogger Gordon Dewis would love to see on his BlackBerry Curve so much that he’s putting $50 out there for anyone willing to cook the app up. Personally, I think anyone who made something like this could make a hell of a lot more than $50 after putting it up on Handango and MobiHand… Some of the features needed include…

1. the last-known location as determined from the GPS using proximity to a waypoint (eg: “when I am within 200m of this location, use the Quiet profile”).
2. GSM cell ID (eg: “when I am ‘here’, use the Loud profile”).
3. time of day/day of week ranges (eg: weekdays between 0900 and 1700, use the Normal profile).

This sounds like a great project for any budding coders, or even more established ones looking for a quick distraction. Of course, there may be some difficulties in automating the profile-changing process that I might not know about. Any devs out there think this app is doable? Anyone else who would like to see this come to life can chip into the bounty via Paypal (paypal AT dewis DOT ca with “BlackBerry bounty” in the comments).

(via Gordon Dewis)

mig33 selling wallpapers and ringtones


mig33 Mig33, a social network built on the mobile mentality, announced today that they’re going to be providing wallpapers and ringtones in their online store. These are some no-brainer additions to their already solid picture sharing and VoIP services, and they’re looking to add a lot more mobile-centric content. Facebook’s obviously the default for most of your social networking, and has a pretty good presence on BlackBerry, but it’s interesting to see how another network evolves from the ground up with the mobile lifestyle in mind. You can nab mig33 for BlackBerry here.

Ringtone DJs to win new BlackBerrys


We just got wind of an awesome contest happening over at Tonemine: use their web-based mixing tools to put together the most badass ringtone you can muster, and leave it to the voters to pick the best. It’s one thing just translating MP3s to ringtone format, but being able to make your own is especially cool. They’ve got a variety of styles for you to choose, from funk to indie rock to bluegrass, and you can drop in sound effects and beats at your leisure. It’s a fun system and worth horsing around in if you’re looking for an original ringtone. And what about the prizes for this contest? Well, first, second and third place all get a Remote Stereo Gateway and a music gift card, first and second both get a BlackBerry of choice, and first place gets a bunch of accessories thrown on top. Get more info on the Battle of the Ringtone DJs here, and hey, maybe mix things up a bit yourself.

BlackBerry Themes, Ringtones and Games 30% off until July 4th at Bplay


iBerry 2.0 BlackBerry Theme

Hooah, that’s a sale, alright. Punch in the coupon code JULY30 at checkout and get 30% off deals at Bplay - that includes, themes, ringtones and games. Feeling patriotic? Why not grab the Stars and Stripes theme, or O Canada? Maybe looking for a more political angle? Democrat and Republican themes are still up. If games are more your bag, Call of Duty 3 and Whitehouse Rumble are both in the 4th. of July spirit. Looking for ringtones? Bplay has a whole category of patriotic ringtones for ya. If you’d rather save your coin, check out Astraware’s free Fireworks app, so you can get all warmed up for the real thing.

Of course, not everyone’s the flag-waving type - maybe you’d rather just get a good deal a slick iBerry theme. And hey, if you’ve got the Wallet application loaded, Bplay can now get all your payment info from there.

Ringo updates with a bunch of new tunes


RingoIf chugging through the BlackBerry OS to load up ringtones is too much hassle, Ringo just added a bunch of new ringtones to their app, letting you easily pick and chose up to 50 from a variety of styles for all your incoming alerts. Feeling Christmassy? Load up some “Deck the Halls” in the middle of summer just to confuse passersby. Maybe you get a lot of calls from ex-girlfriends - well, you can group them all together and give them the same dour, foreboding classical tune. Even if you have a specific MP3 you want to load up, like Dumb & Dumber’s “Most Annoying Sound in the World” for the in-laws, Ringo makes it all really easy. Check it out!

The BlackBerry Cool Wishlist


Christmastime is rapidly approaching, and maybe that special BlackBerry-user in your life hasn’t been bought for just yet. Well, there’s still time and BBCool’s here to help you find something you know they’ll use and love. We’ve compiled a little wish-list of stuff we would personally like to see under the tree - presents we’re so sure of that we’re knocking 10% off all in-store items marked with asterix - just enter the coupon code BBHOLIDAY for your discount. I know, we’re giving y’all presents early again, but we just can’t help it.

Check the BBCool Wishlist behind the jump!

bPlay gets ballin’


bPlay’s just released a new basketball game, NBA 2-on-2 SLAM by Magmic alongside a new Basketball theme. Anyone serious about their basketball would do well to pick both of these up. I just noticed that they also offer discounted bundles now, so if you grabbed a sports jam ringtone too, you’d be getting 10% off. Not a bad deal at all. It might be easy to say gadget geekery and playing sports are mutually exclusive, but it turns out NBA players love their BlackBerrys too.

Report: Simplicity sells cells


iPhoneA recent report by Continental Research is showing that the vast majority of mobile users just want basic functionality, and advanced features go largely unused. The survey talked to users on O2 (who got top marks for customer service), T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone asking subscribers if they’d prefer a less expensive, simple phone or a pricier one with all the trimmings. It’s not only that adoption of extra functions has been low, but it’s actually been shrinking over the last three years. For example, in 2005 18% of surveyed cellphone users had downloaded a ringtone in the last year, versus 10% in 2007. That gives the iPhone some hard numbers to back up its philosophy of user-friendliness, no doubt. As BlackBerry users, do you guys tend to stick with just voice and e-mail, or do you dabble in the extras, like music and GPS? Are BlackBerry users maybe more predisposed to using advanced features?

Bacon on BlackBerry: Themes, Skype, and ringtones


Magmic’s very own Jeff Bacon comes in for another round of Bacon on BlackBerry to answer a few troublesome issues folks have been having. As ever, themes and ringtones are on the chopping block, along with Skype compatability, getting your calendar on the home screen and how to change your background. Sound like anything you need help with? Sit back and bask in the Yoda-esque wisdom of Bacon

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