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RIM Announces tinyHippos’ Ripple Emulator Beta Supporting WebWorks Apps


RIM’s recent acquisition tinyHippos has brought the release of the Ripple emulator beta to support most of the BlackBerry WebWorks APIs. Bypassing the need to test the application in a simulator, the beta allows for a testing environment with advanced features including location based services and network response testing for apps.

Along with the Beta’s release is some details and documentation on the emulator’s support for the BlackBerry WebWorks APIs.

For more info on the Ripple emulator beta, visit tinyHippos.
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PhoneTag Lets You Share Location and Chat with Friends in Real-Time


ripple phonetag app

PhoneTag is a really cool free app that combines location and messaging into one platform. The app lets you securely share your location and see your friends’ locations – then communicate with each other in real time. To use the app, you invite friends to join your PhoneTag session and everyone who accepts can see each other on a map and chat in real-time. The app lets you set preferences on location sharing, and lets you keep sessions open for minutes, days or forever. Other features of PhoneTag include:
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