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Rogers Now Offering Better Roaming Rates for Canadians in US


Rogers have launched a new One Rate Roaming plan which is going to be really beneficial for anyone who travels to the US. For an extra $10 more per month than most Rogers regular domestic data plan rates, customers can now sign up for One Rate plans which allows them to use data in the U.S. as they would at home, and have it deducted from the same data bucket.
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Dear BBCool: Help using a BlackBerry in Sri Lanka


Group photo Sri Lanka

Dear BlackBerry Cool, As you know, Sri Lanka has been in a state of civil war for many years now and there are thousands of civilian casualties. I work for an NGO and soon I will be flying to Sri Lanka to help with development efforts.

Before I leave, I have to figure out what to do with my Rogers BlackBerry Bold.

I spoke to 3 reps from Rogers, including a senior supervisor and got the following information:

  • There is no voice or data plans/packages available for Sri Lanka
  • The BlackBerry is currently on a Right Fit plan at $97.45 per month
  • Cancellation of contract = $500 + charge for phone $300 = $800
  • To use voice or data in SL will cost $3.50 per minute for roaming charge + $6.00 per minute to talk

I have been told by a technician that my BlackBerry is a world phone and is not locked. Could your readers help me out? Here are my options as I see them:

  • Keep the phone and maintain the contract @ $97.45 plus taxes per month and pay local rates in SL.
  • Cancel the contract, pay the difference for the phone and use it in SL.
  • Cancel the contract and sell the phone to someone and get a regular phone in SL.
  • Transfer the contract/phone to someone who will continue the payment.

World peace and happiness for all,


International SIM card from Truphone Local Anywhere


Truphone is a widely popular VoIP provider that plans to offer a single SIM card allowing local call rates while roaming in a host of countries. The SIM, called Truphone Local Anywhere, will hopefully reduce roaming rates and overall costs of traveling with your smartphone.

There aren’t exact details regarding pricing, but it’s likely that a flat rate fee will be charged for calls outside of your resident nation. The company also promises to chop mobile roaming charges – a major complaint for users of conventional mobile networks – by up to 80 percent.

“Until now, the only way to avoid the massive cost of mobile roaming is to carry multiple phones and multiple SIM cards, one for each country you frequent,” said Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilson. “This means juggling multiple devices and phone numbers to avoid paying the high roaming rates traditionally associated with travel.

This new chip will hopefully help businesses cut down on their mobile bills and help the bottom line during these tough economic times. Good timing Truphone!



BlackBerry 8830 comes to Alltel


AlltelAlltel announced yesterday their release of the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. The 8830? Really? If you’re going to be this late to the party, why not pick up something a little more recent? Even Trinidad has the BlackBerry 8300. Besides, corporate customers are probably a-o-k with the BlackBerry 8703e that Alltel is already offering. To be fair, they do have a focus on roaming, and that’s what the BlackBerry 8830 is all about. Available for $249.99 with mail-in rebate.

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FCC slows down U.S. voice roaming charges, data still at large


Penny PincherThe FCC has passed a ruling that will force all American carriers to make their networks available to compatible handsets for a “reasonable” fee, which will hopefully translate to lower roaming rates. A hard cap hasn’t been imposed, but the big thing here is that open roaming access has been established. Rural citizens are pretty happy now that the smaller carriers they subscribe to will finally be able to offer wider access. Unfortunately, no such resolutions have been applied to data charges.

“I believe we should have taken another step forward today,” said Commissioner Michael Copps, a Democrat. “Consumers rely upon their mobile handsets these days for a dizzying array of data services, going well beyond those we cover in today’s item.”