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Register Today! Untether.TV Launches Toronto Mobile Conference Untether.Talks [Ticket Discounts Too]


The guys at Untether.TV are taking their mobile experience and entrepreneur interviews to “a whole ‘nuther level” with a conference in Toronto called Untether.Talks. The conference is centered around themes that are directly impacted by mobile such as art & creation, civic engagement & government, currency & cash, education & learning, health, media, retail & pricing, and social. If you’re in the mobile industry, or one that is in need of mobile disruption, you should definitely register for the conference.
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10 Ways to Sell Mobile Apps: An Interview With Rob Woodbridge and Untether.TV


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sell your app given the sheer volume of apps in many of the app stores. Developers often don’t have time or don’t want to market their apps, and would probably rather spend time coding and developing the apps. But apps can be more than hobbies, they can be businesses, startups and potentially a source of retirement (not likely but we can all dream). In an interview with Rob Woodbridge at Untether.tv, we talk about 10 clear ways that developers can sell their mobile applications. I also talk a lot about the startup I’ve been working on, Pretzil. It’s a mobile app discovery network so everything ties in nicely.
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Ottawa is the Future of Research in Motion


RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins said that the city of Ottawa is “central to its software strategy” and that has implications for both the city and the company. Ottawa is a city with a long history of tech and culture that can bring a lot of value to RIM. But there some obstacles ahead.
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Episode 7 – BlackBerryCool Untether’d: Google Maps, bitHeads, uZard and More


This week is episode 7 of BlackBerryCool Untether’d with Rob Woodbridge. This week, we talk about BlackBerry 6, WickSoft’s MoreCalendars, Google Maps’ new biking layer and the bitHeads App Contest. We also talk uZard, the latest third party BlackBerry browser. This week’s episode is brought to you from Sudbury, Ontario (aka Nickel City).

Here are some links for show topics:

WICKSoft Introduces Enterprise Calendar Sharing With MoreCalendars
Google Maps Updated to 4.2.0 with Biking Directions and Sharing
Woman Sues Google After Accident Following Map Directions
Third Party BlackBerry Browser uZard for the Bold 9000
$25,000 BlackBerry Super App Contest – Cocktail Napkin Designs Accepted!

Tell us what you think in the comments and feel free to suggest more topics for the podcast.

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Episode 5: BlackBerryCool UnTether’d: WES 2010 and BlackBerry 6


Here is episode 5 of BlackBerryCool Untether’d with Rob Woodbridge and myself. This week we talk mostly about what went on at WES 2010 and particularly BlackBerry 6. Here are some articles to get you up to speed:

Tungle Free Scheduling App for BlackBerry Now Available
State of BlackBerry: Mike Lazaridis’ Speech and Where We Stand
WES 2010 Day 2 Impressions: What WES Is All About

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to hear more or less of.

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Interview with Marc Gingras CEO of Tungle on Entrepreneurship and Smartphones


Marc Gingras is, simply put, an entrepreneur. Someone who finds the gaps in the way we work and fills them in a way that makes you wonder what you did before and why no one thought of it before. He’s also the founder and CEO of Tungle, an online meeting manager that makes it simple to schedule meetings, regardless of the calendaring system you and your invitees use — and now regardless of device you store on your hip.

You get a sense of what Marc is about almost immediately — he’s focused, determined and excited about what he’s doing and that excitement is viral just like his product. One of the things that stuck with me is what he terms the “Tungle Hierarchy of Needs” — you’ll have to watch to get all the details but, clearly, it is something that blew me away.

Full disclosure on this one — when you get two Canadians talking technology you can count on an animated and passionate conversation, second only to hockey.

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