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Robert Scoble’s Latest Post Hints RIM Can Win Over Silicon Valley


Like him or dislike him, Scoble gets a lot of attention in the Valley and as a startup, winning his attention is a big deal. RIM is at CES 2013 and while it’s not showing off devices in a huge pavilion like previous years, it did take the time to get Scoble a BlackBerry 10 device. His latest facebook post says,”Today I saw the new Blackberry 10 that will be announced in a few weeks. I liked it a lot but it won’t get any Apple or Android fan hot and bothered.” While the statement is wrapped in pessimism, there’s something very telling about it. Consider how much it takes to change the mind of someone like Scoble who has invested so much emotionally in saying RIM is dead. His statement, while not 100% positive, is coming from someone who very recently told Alec Saunders to give up and go Android. This is a huge change.
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