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Rogers to Invest $80 Million to Expand 4G HSPA+ to Maritimes


Rogers coverage

Rogers is expanding its 4G HSPA+ network out to the Maritimes with an $80 million investment. The investment will help expand the network to cover 94% of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island which includes almost one million more people. Customers across all parts of the region will benefit from faster data speeds and stronger signal strength. Work on the wireless network will begin later this month and new coverage areas will be announced throughout the construction period, which will continue throughout 2012.

Read more about the investment over at the Rogers blog.

Rogers Announces LTE Will Launch in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa in 2011


Rogers LTE

Rogers has announced that they will be launching LTE (Long Term Evolution) in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa in 2011 with the top 25 markets across the country coming online in 2012. Rogers claims the LTE network will be capable of download speeds of 150 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 70 Mbps. These numbers will of course fluctuate based on your mobile device. LTE will enable the following:

  • Everyone will be able to watch streaming movies and live HDTV on their mobile devices, with crisp picture and virtually no buffering or delays
  • Friends and families can video chat seamlessly – as natural as talking on the phone, with virtually no lag time
  • Gamers can play their favourite multiplayer games from almost anywhere
  • Businesses can implement a truly mobile workforce that is both as efficient and secure as a traditional workplace

To learn more, head over to IwantmyLTE.ca.

Today is Launch Day for the PlayBook - Getting One?


playbook in store

The BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale today and it should be interesting to see the sales figures roll in. We’re also curious at how well RIM handles the launch of an entirely new product line. So far, it seems it may not have been a good idea to get the review units out as they weren’t completely finished. If RIM had held back review units, they probably would have caught flack from the various tech sites around the Internet, but maybe that would have generated a more positive buzz for the company than negative.

When it comes to PlayBook supply, we’ve been hearing that the distribution channels are a little disorganized. This is pretty typical as RIM has invested a lot in the carrier and retail channels, which makes it difficult to siphon off devices for developers and reviewers. There are plenty of people in both camps that are still looking for their PlayBook. BlackBerryCool contributor Aaron is ready to sell some PlayBooks but it seems his store only has 2. We’ve heard one Source location in Ottawa only has 7 PlayBooks, but none of this is confirmed with the company, but comes from employees. Lets wait and see what the numbers say.

RIM to Present PlayBook and Developer Programs at MobileMonday Toronto


MobileMonday is a very relevant tech industry event that began with some Nokia employees in Helsinki, Finland in 2000, and has grown to over 100 chapters cities worldwide. Tonight, RIM is presenting at Toronto’s MobileMonday, and Tyler Lessard, VP BlackBerry Global Alliances and Developer Relations, will take the stage to talk about the Playbook, ecosystems, and developer programs for business professionals and developers. There will be RIM employees from the Developer Relations team as well as Roger’s Catalyst team on hand with presentation booths to answer questions attendees may have.
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Rogers Changes Corporate Stance - Now Offering to Unlock Devices for $50 Fee



Until today, Rogers never offered their customers the ability to unlock their devices because, well, why should they give you the tools to go to another carrier? Here at BlackBerryCool, we’ve always supported the unlocking industry because we believe you should be able to take your smartphone wherever the best deal exists. Rogers Corporate has changed their stance on unlocking as of today and are offering to unlock your device for a $50 fee. The $50 fee is completely ludicrous considering how easy it is to find a deal online, but you have to commend Rogers on finally changing their stance. The price will surely come down in the near future. Hit the jump for the notice given to Rogers staff internally that we scored from RogersDude69.
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More Video of the PlayBook Including Interview About the Device


Rogers TabLife TO video: RIM’s David Neale on the new BlackBerry PlayBook and the tablet sector from Rogers Buzz on Vimeo.

We have recently seen the video demonstration of the PlayBook at TabLifeTO and Rogers RedBoard put up extended video of the demo including the interview with David Neale and Marc Saltzman. There are a few tibits of information that are interesting in the information including the fact that the PlayBook will have FIPS 140 security as well as the fact that the front and rear camera have different resolutions. The front camera is 3MP and the back is 5MP. Neale also suggested that the PlayBook will come in many different form factors and RIM isn’t going to stick with a 7″ tablet forever. We can expect a QNX tablet in various sizes and potentially with a QWERTY keyboard.

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