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Rogers Now Carrying BlackBerry Bold 9790


The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is essentially a smaller, more compact version of the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Here at BlackBerryCool, we love the Bold 9900′s form factor because it’s reminiscent of the old Bold 9000. The original Bold 9000 is one of the most iconic BlackBerrys and represents a heyday for the company. If you’re looking to get one, we’ve heard from our pal RogersDude69 that it’s now available at Rogers.
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White BlackBerry Bold 9900 Coming Soon to Rogers


The white BlackBerry Bold 9900 rules. The new Bold Touch may have the best form factor of any BlackBerry to date and gives you the best of both the touchscreen and keyboard worlds. Our buddy RogersDude69 sent us pics of the white BlackBerry Bold 9900 dummy units, proving that the device will hit stores very shortly. You want?
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White BlackBerry Curve 9360 Dummy Units Show Up In Rogers


The BlackBerry 9360 is the latest BlackBerry in the Curve series. While the Curve series is usually billed as a bare-bones device, this latest Curve actually comes with NFC. We’re bullish on NFC because it’s the missing piece of the mobile wallet puzzle that we’ve been waiting for. If you’re looking for a white 9360, it looks like Rogers will have it soon.
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BlackBerry, Frank’s Hot Sauce and Chili Pens “Spark” Possibilities


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Our buddy RogersDude69 sent over something funny. Apparently BlackBerry reps are going around Rogers retail stores and handing out their latest marketing initiative called “spark possibilities”. What do you think of when you hear the word “spark”? Frank’s Hot Sauce and a chili pen of course. Let’s file this one under WTF Marketing and just forget about it. Agreed?

Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 Promo Kits Arrive in Stores


blackberry bold 9780

Rogers has confirmed to us that they’re offering the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and our good friend RogersDude69 let us know that the promo kits are now in stores. This device looks just like the 9700 and while the spec sheet is a little improved, it’s not necessarily going to blow you away. If you’re a happy 9700 user, you’ll probably appreciate the better camera.

Rogers No Longer Accepting BIS Email Activations via Online Portal


rogers bis

Rogers sent out an email telling reps that beginning September 10th, new BlackBerry users will have to use their BlackBerry to register their BIS email and they’ll no longer be able to do so online via the web portal. Online BIS activation is still possible with other carriers such as Bell, but Rogers has decided to opt out. Rogers says that they have been receiving a high volume of password related support calls, and since the device doesn’t require the password, they’re cutting support costs. It’s likely that more carriers will follow suit.

Here is the official email Rogers sent out:
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