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Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8520 promo documents arrive



RogersDude69 brings us a pic of some promotional materials that have arrived at the Rogers retail outlets in Canada. It seems we’re really close to this device launching and we’ll be getting more details soon.

The only thing this flier reveals is that it will support TalkSpot, for unlimited Canada-wide calling.

There isn’t much else to say here, but we’re all hoping that Rogers will launch the device in some new colors such as the coveted white BlackBerry Curve 8520.

Anyone buying?


President of Rogers wireless claims Android will chip away at RIM dominance


Our Rogers ninja, RogersDude69, is reporting that Rogers has been giving their employees extra incentives to sell HTC Android devices. Apparently, Rogers is running internal contests where you sell 5 and get 1 free. While this isn’t necessarily news, and Rogers often runs these contests, it comes along with a recent statement from the president of Rogers Communications’ wireless business, Rob Bruce.

Rob Bruce, said he expects that phones with full slideout keyboards, as well as those based on Google’s Android operating system, will chip away at the dominance of RIM’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone.

Speaking at an investor conference, Bruce said the so-called QWERTY slider devices made by manufacturers such as Samsung and LG Electronics “are peeling off the low end of the smartphone market right now and in effect putting pressure on that duopoly.”

He characterized Android-based phones that are making their way to store shelves as the “other major vector” in challenging RIM and Apple for dominance of the lucrative smartphone market.

BlackBerry Cool readers are well educated when it comes to the various operating systems out there. So I put the question to the readers:

Can RIM and BlackBerry learn anything from the Android platform?

In 5 years, BlackBerry or Android?



A brief history of the Rogers Hardware Upgrade Program (HUP)



Recently, we learned that the Rogers HUP was going to extend to all devices, and not just smartphones. Our friend RogersDude69 has broken down a brief history of how the Rogers HUP has become increasingly stringent and is making it really difficult to get a new device.

When will the madness end? Rogers needs to realize that having customers upgrade their devices will mean bigger bills and more money for them in the end. Also, as a general note for doing business, you should never tell your customer that they can’t buy the product. Make concessions and get the product in the customer’s hand. Here is a little history of how the HUP is quickly becoming obsolete:
Continue reading how Rogers is destroying their customers’ ability to upgrade devices

Confirmed: BlackBerry Storm coming to Rogers before Christmas!


rogers blackberry storm

Sometimes news can come from the craziest sources: internal leaks, html sniffing, etc. Sometimes all it takes is a direct phone call! After friend of the site RogersDude69 tipped us off that Rogers had given callcenter employees a specific script to read when customers ask about touch screen BlackBerrys (i.e., the BlackBerry Storm), we just had to call ourselves and see what was up.

The audio below confirms that Rogers will carry the BlackBerry Storm 9500, and that we’ll see it before Christmas (hopefully in November)! Apologies to the extremely helpful customer service rep who was the subject of my ruse.

Click to listen!

So that’s Verizon, Telus, Bell and Rogers in North America. Where are Sprint and AT&T?

Rogers BlackBerry Bold drops to $299 October 1st


Oh jeez, all those Rogers BlackBerry Bold early adopters just got RickRolled iPhone’d. No more than 6 weeks after initial launch, Rogers will be dropping the price of the BlackBerry Bold from $399.99 on a three-year contract to $299.99 on a three-year contract.

While it’s hard to look a cheaper Bold in the mouth (especially with the reduced Rogers data plans coming the same day), I know there are a lot of Rogers BlackBerry users asking ‘why now?’ Are BlackBerry Bolds not selling as briskly as Rogers would like. Does this have something to do with the ‘hero campaigns’ Jim Balsillie mentioned during RIM’s investors conference call?

Maybe the most important question: if enough Rogers subscribers complain, will they get a refund? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Party shots


rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 party

Remember the Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 party invitations we told you about? Well, it turns out one of those parties was last week, and old friend of the site RogersDude69 was there to snap some pictures.

Apparently the event was fairly low key, with a lot of Rogers BlackBerry experts going around quizzing attendees about their BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 knowledge for a chance to win the device. However, judging from the pics, Rogers really likes ‘urban’ dancers and people jumping around on bicycles, which is kinda cool.

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 photos