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Publicly Traded SolarWinds Acquires Rove Mobile Admin Technology $SWI


SolarWinds is a publicly traded company that provides IT operations management software to more than 95,000 customers worldwide. Today, the company announced that it has acquired Rove’s Mobile Admin software and is incorporating its solution into its product offerings. This seems like a smart move on the part of SolarWinds, as Rove has some big customers as well as a robust cross-platform tool for IT Admins.
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Rove Mobile Admin Demonstrates Disaster Recovery Potential


We’ve written about Mobile Admin several times on BlackBerryCool and most recently they sent us over some validation for their product in terms of disaster recovery. Mobile Admin generally lets IT administrators perform their jobs from their smartphone and it’s interesting to see how the product helps during natural disasters. More after the jump.
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Rove Mobile SSH Now Available Free in App World


rove mobile ssh

A long time ago Rove offered a great mobile SSH product which was taken down and then much later offered on App World. The product is now available free to download through App World and offers some great features to boot. The Rove Mobile SSH client connects to: Unix and Linux machines, IBM mainframes, AS/400 and iSeries and routers and switches. Features of the app include:
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Rove Mobile IT Admin Management Solution Sees Positive Uptake


We haven’t covered Rove in a while and the company has had a few announcements since the launch of the Rove Mobile IT Admin Solution version 6.0 back in September. The company let us know that one of the most used and appreciated features has been Rove’s Dashboard, a solution that aggregates alerts, alarms, notifications and tickets from IT monitors and incident management systems, presents them to IT admins directly on their mobile, and makes it possible to quickly asses the problem and implement a solution. One of the most helpful features of Rove’s product, is that it can deliver alerts even if the Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise servers are offline.

Rove’s Mobile IT Admin solution is also tablet ready, which is crucial in today’s mixed platform enterprise.

A free, 14 day trial of Rove’s product is available for download at roveit.com/trial.

Rove also recently won eWEEK’s 2010 Product of the Year.

Review: Rove Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional


We have written about Rove’s Mobile Admin product several times on BlackBerryCool and while the feature set and demo is impressive, we haven’t seen many in-depth reviews of the software. Mobile Admin 5.1 is the latest version of the software, allowing secure mobile access for IT admins so they can investigate and resolve IT incidents from their BlackBerry.

Andrew Garcia of eWeek took Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional for a test run, and found it “provides an excellent way for data center administrators to monitor and troubleshoot server and application issues from their mobile device, granting administrators better control and faster response times when they are out of the office.” Andrew did find a few instances where the software could be improved, which is important in any well-rounded review.

Check out Andrew’s review of Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional at eWeek.

Rove Announce BlackBerry Alliance Elite Membership


Rove have announced that they are now BlackBerry Alliance Elite Members. Rove’s flagship product is Mobile Admin, which allows IT administrators to resolve incidents, reduce downtime and improve customer service, all from their BlackBerry. Mobile Admin has over 2800 customers worldwide, including more than 80 Fortune 500 companies and five of the world’s 15 largest banks.

Rove also re-released their Mobile SSH client, which allows users to interact with their Unix, Linux and IBM hosts via Telnet and Secure Shell. The app is currently available for download in BlackBerry App World.