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Coming Soon to BlackBerry 10: Bad Piggies, Sina Weibo, Banking and More


If BlackBerry is really going to nail the consumer market, it has to get all the right apps in place. To do this, BlackBerry will have to use a combination of growing its user base, making development easier and going as far as paying for certain apps. It seems this strategy is well underway. Hit the jump to see what apps are coming to BlackBerry 10.
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Games for Playbook: Angry Birds 2.3.0


Rovio is yet another publisher showing confidence in the BlackBerry Playbook as they push out yet another update to their popular franchise Angry birds.

In version 2.1 we got to see 15 new tropical levels. 2.2 brought us even MORE tropical levels. Today Angry Birds 2.3.0 brings us “PIGGEST levels ever!” says the App World description.

With 45 new levels since the 2.0 release we can keep on flinging birds and crushing pigs to our hearts desire. It’s encouraging to see big publishers showing BlackBerry this much love. Way to lead by example Rovio, we look forward to 2.4!

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Angry Birds Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


One thing you hear often when reading about the BlackBerry Platform is that “BlackBerry doesn’t have Angry Birds”. It’s often used as a major negative against the platform even though there are plenty of other games. RIM announced that the PlayBook would have Angry Birds and today it is now available. It’s also interesting to note that since it’s available now for the PlayBook, it should also be available on smarpthones when the BlackBerry 10 devices launch.
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BlackBerry App Developers Don’t Promote Success Stories


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There has been a pretty consistent narrative being told by both media and analysts: BlackBerry as a platform is falling behind in providing consumers with decent applications and developers aren’t interested in the platform. Media will have you believe that it’s too difficult to code for BlackBerry, or that there isn’t any money to be made, but this simply isn’t true. It’s not that difficult to code for BlackBerry, especially now that there’s support for HTML apps. But what attracts a developer to the platform? I’d argue it has more to do with success stories and the potential to make something great. There is something inherently wrong with not BlackBerry as a platform, but as an existing developer base, and probably the media supporting it (BlackBerryCool et al is also somewhat to blame), that the right stories aren’t being told. Where are the success stories of big download and revenue milestones? They’re ever present in iOS blogs, but it’s hard to find the same stories on the BlackBerry platform, even though they exist.

Here are a few examples of powerful money stories that have been told for iOS:
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Review of Angry Farm: The Angry Birds Clone for BlackBerry


angry farm

Angry Farm has been generating a lot of buzz lately, mostly because BlackBerry users have been craving their own version of one of the most popular mobile games ever made. The game’s addictive and fun gameplay, as well as its creative use of a touchscreen, put it a notch above the rest. A lot of users are probably curious about what it’s like, especially considering the $4.99 pricetag with no trial.

Some of the App World reviews of Angry Farm are pretty harsh, comparing it to the iOS version in terms of physics and responsiveness. While I have played Angry Birds for the iPhone, I played a polished version and can’t speak to the very first version they launched. It’s important to remember that in the app business, it’s not uncommon to launch first, churn and update your product until it’s totally polished. It’s a Guy Kawasaki approach to app development and while it may bother some users, I think it’s more important to rush a product to market so you have the dollars to improve it. We know the guys at Smarter Apps and they’re good at what they do. They’ll surely keep an eye on this product and update. Also, they have explicitly promised “free upgrades to all existing customers forever.”
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