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How to Convert Videos for Your BlackBerry Using a Mac or a PC



With specs similar to that of a year 2000 era PC, the BlackBerry is an impressive little mobile computer. With screen resolution getting bigger with every year, I’m finding that video is all the more watchable on your device. So for those of you with a long bus, train, or chopper commute, here’s how to convert video for your BlackBerry.

PC users should watch this demonstration on how to use the Roxio Media Manager for Blackberry. The Media Manager is easy to use and works well, if you don’t have it yet, download it here.

Mac users don’t benefit from a supported video conversion suite but not to worry: the process is not that much harder to do. All you have to do is choose a file type you would like to convert to, choose the settings appropriate to your device, then drop the completed file into iTunes and sync using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac.
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BlackBerry Desktop Software contains critical security flaw


RIM has posted a Knowledge Base article describing a critical security flaw within the BlackBerry Desktop Software. The flaw has been confirmed by Secunia, a leading vulnerability intelligence provider. Here’s the problem as described by RIM:

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager includes the Roxio Media Manager for managing media synchronization between the BlackBerry smartphone and the Microsoft Windows computer. The Roxio Media Manager includes a Microsoft ActiveX control used for retrieving and installing application updates. A buffer overflow exists in the DWUpdateService ActiveX control that could potentially be exploited when a user visits a malicious web page that invokes this control.

For instructions on how to determine whether your system has been affected and patch the flaw, follow the link below.

Updating an ActiveX control that the Roxio Media Manager uses (KB16469)

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How to crop, resize and set wallpapers on your BlackBerry


BlackBerry Cool shirt

At the request of Mike, I’ve cooked up a few BlackBerry Cool wallpapers based off our very excellent BBCool t-shirt. We’ve got wallpapers for your Pearl, Curve, 8800-series, Bold, and even Kickstart, Javelin or 9500 if you happen to be packing one. Never changed your BlackBerry’s wallpaper? No problem – we’ll walk you through the steps to give your home screen a nice new look.

If you especially dig BBCool, we’ve also got a few desktop wallpapers to chose from. Want another size? Leave a comment!

BlackBerry Cool wallpapers and instructions behind the jump!