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Realism BlackBerry Theme by R&R Designs



The guys at R&R Theme Designs wrote in to tell us about their BlackBerry Storm 95XX theme Realism. While I’m not too enthused about it, given the awkward icon design, I’m happy to let people know about the theme and give them the chance to try it out themselves.

Realism features 5 user-defined screen options, from no docks to 4 hideaway docks (including user-defined buttons dock). Up to 23 apps can be accessed from the homescreen, and there are up to 3 hideaway docks with an invisible dock activation button. Like I said, I’m not a fan of the icon design, as they’re hard to distinguish, but I commend any theme designer who tries to make an entirely new icon set.

More information available in the BlackBerryCool Store.

ATOMIC BlackBerry Theme With Animated Dock and Atom Icons


ATOMIC is a new theme from R&R Theme Designs and it has some interesting elements to it. This theme comes with a hidden dock and once activated, your icons swoop in from the sides and cluster together, with the same chaos you would expect from atoms. The downside is that R&R didn’t do the best job of making clear and easy to read icons. I always appreciate a theme company making custom, animated icons and docks, which is why I gave this theme a shot, but I’ll probably switch back to the original theme in the long run.