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Golden Shellback, the future of the waterproof BlackBerrys (audio)


Remember Golden Shellback
, those guys who were waterproofing iPods, BlackBerrys and all sorts of other electronics? Well, we had a chance to talk with Sid Martin about the process, when we can expect it to go public, the possibility of manufacturers like RIM picking it up, and how much it might cost you. For more info and updates on Golden Shellback, be sure to check out their site.

Hit the jump for the interview with Golden Shellback, as well as key snippets…

New treatment can totally waterproof your BlackBerry


What would you pay to have the inside and outside of your device coated in a nonconductive polymer to make it impervious to water, oil, dirt and pretty much any other synthetic liquids? $50-$75? Yeah that sounds about right. Meet the Golden Shellback. While it might not be ready for another 4-6 months until distribution methods are in place, I am rip-rearing to give this a shot. Go figure a bunch of maritimers sponsored a project like this – totally awesome, and combined with an OtterBox, it could easily turn your BlackBerry into one helluva rugged handheld.

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Otterbox Review Update


Defender SeriesSo, you may have heard that Otterbox busted out a new Pearl case, which I’ve been playing around with since early last month. Now there’s a new Curve case available too, also following the new style set by their 8800 case, which we’ve been taking a look at. Accordingly, we’ve updated our review, including the few quirks of the new models, although the overall product remains the same: tough, reliable, good-looking cases. We’ve even got a quick video of the Defender Series handling the rough Canadian winter… If you live the rugged life, you can pick up the Pearl Defender Series case here and the 8800-class cases here.

Nano-level waterproofing for mobiles thanks to military


WaterA new UK military technology that was initially aimed at providing protection against biological warfare may soon find its way onto portable electronics. Developer P2i specializes in what’s called “ion-mask plasma surface enhancement”, which covers covers materials tightly with an extremely thin water-repellent film. By using high-energy plasma, devices can get coated inside and out without damaging electronics.

“Ion-mask is extremely effective against the problem of moisture ingress as it can be applied to the most intricate electronic objects without damaging the precious circuitry,” explains P2i’s Business Development Director, Ian Robins. “The process is particularly well suited to high value applications such as MP3 players, which are required to perform outdoors in all weather conditions, or other small, lightweight electronic items which may be inadvertently worn in the shower or while swimming.”

Yeah, I accidentally hop in the shower with my BlackBerry all the time.

New Otterboxes!


OtterBox PearlAfter scoping out BerryReview, we got wind that OtterBox has got some new goods on the way: a Curve and a Pearl case. These are following the lead of the 8800 case we reviewed not too long ago, and it’s great to see the form factor continuing. These cases have 3 layers – clear plastic for covering the keys and screen, followed by a hard plastic shell, then a rubberized skin on top for impact absorption and grip. OtterBox does great stuff, and you can get your preorders now at $49.99 each. Expect them to ship around October 31st.

BlackBerry 8120 hitting Rogers Dec. 1?


BlackBerry 8120A few sources inside Rogers have told us that the new Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry 8120 will be be out before Christmas, aiming for a December 1st. release. The usual rumor disclaimer gets tacked onto this, as release dates often get shuffled around. In addition to this, we also heard about a ruggedized BlackBerry being in the works – not just an OtterBox, but fully beefed up device for folks working in construction and other rough-and-tumble environs. Details are sketchy right now, but we’re definitely excited to see something similar to the Edge available for the mass market.