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Verizon to Offer Prepaid BlackBerry Plans with Voice and Data


BlackBerry 8330 from Verizon

BerryScoop is reporting that Verizon will be offering a BlackBerry data plan within the next 90 days as part of their prepaid service. We don’t know what devices will be available on a prepaid service, but my guess is it will be relegated to the older and cheaper devices. The data plan is rumored to run an additional $35 on top of the voice plan. Any Verizon users looking for a prepaid plan?

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Leaked BlackBerry Magnum Is Cool But Will Not Launch



Cellguru got his hands on the BlackBerry Magnum, the touchscreen QWERTY hybrid that we’ve been hearing rumors about for some time now. While this device has been scrapped and will probably never see the light of day, there are also rumors of a BlackBerry Dakota which could come to market. The Dakota is still in very early planning stages so it’s still in the air about what to expect. It’s unlikely that the Dakota will come in a Bold 9000 form factor, which is sort of a shame.
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Sirius XM Radio Coming to BlackBerry in January



Go a tip from Miguel at LaBlackBerry that Sirius XM Radio is rumored to be releasing an app for BlackBerry within the coming weeks.

The app will be much like the iPhone version, and for the initial launch, Sirius XM for BlackBerry be be available for the following handsets:

BlackBerry Storm 9530
BlackBerry Storm2 9550
BlackBerry Bold 9000 and 9700
BlackBerry Tour 9630
BlackBerry Curve 8900, 8520 and 8530
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Rumor: BlackBerry Curve 8530 to launch December 10th


There are some rumors going around that the BlackBerry Curve 8530 will be launching December 10th. Barring some unforeseen testing issues, this date will probably stick. With an 8530 on the way to Verizon as well, this device is going to get a decent spotlight. Remember, this is the same 8530 that we discovered will feature OpenGL, so there is some awesome app potential. It will be interesting to see if the carriers even mention it.

Rumor: BlackBerry Bluetooth watch coming soon



UPDATE: The image you’re seeing isn’t the actual watch. It’s just a mock-up to show what the watch might look like.

Back at WES 2009, the VP of RIM Antoine Boucher, confirmed the upcoming BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset and apparently let it slip that a Bluetooth watch was in development.

The watch would be a hub for all your notifications including facebook, BBM, email and SMS. It may also include some of the functionality of the VM 605, which allows you to send music from your BlackBerry to the car stereo.

While it is rumor at the moment, I can tell you I definitely see this happening. RIM has a history of letting accessory details slip well in advance of the product launch. Before the VM 605 launched, journalists were playing with it months in advance. I’m predicting we’ll be seeing much more news about this accessory as we near the holiday season.


[Source with tip from Simon Sage]

(Rumor) Verizon to officially announce BlackBerry Tour



There’s a rumor going around that Verizon will be announcing the BlackBerry Tour tomorrow with a release date. This could be in response to the fact that Sprint has officially confirmed the device, and Verizon doesn’t want to lose any customers switching for the device.

Currently, the sign up page for the device is live so if you register to get a preorder notice, they’ll surely email you tomorrow to confirm this rumor is true or not.

Cross your fingers!