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The Wall Street Journal BlackBerry application soon to charge



In general, print media is dying and paving the way for online media. As print sees their advertising rates drop, they are continually trying to find ways to make up these revenues.

One such way is to charge for readership. The National Post is reporting that The Wall Street Journal will be charging BlackBerry users for access to their services, in order to make up for lost advertising revenue. The WSJ will begin to levy a US$2 weekly fee for access by non-subscribers, Mr. Murdoch said at the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Communacopia conference in New York. Journal subscribers will have to pay US$1 a week, he said.

So if you have the WSJ BlackBerry application, prepare to see it become monetized in the very near future.



Rupert Murdoch’s predictions for newspaper on BlackBerry



News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch said on Thursday that the future of newspapers is digital, but it may be 10 to 15 years before readers go fully electronic.

“Instead of an analog paper printed on paper you may get it on a panel which would be mobile, which will receive the whole newspaper over the air, (and) be updated every hour or two,” he said.

“You’ll be able to get the guts or the main headlines and alerts and everything on your Blackberry, on your Palm or whatever, all day long.

“I think it’s two or three years away before they get introduced in a big way and then it will probably take 10 years or 15 years for the public to swing over.”

Does anyone else think that Rupert is a little behind the times technologically? How can he say we’re 2 or 3 years away before news on your BlackBerry is introduced in a big way? With Viigo, you get your news updated every minute. The Wall Street Journal and a host of other newspapers already have BlackBerry apps. Someone needs to get Rupert App World so he can catch up with the rest of us.