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15 Free BlackBerry Apps: BatteryWatch, DataBackup, RestartMe and More


S4BB let us know that they have over 15 apps that are free and worth checking out. The apps range from games such as BlackHole, to utilities for your device such as BatteryWatch. Hit after the jump for a list of these must-try free BlackBerry apps.
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EmergencyWipe by S4BB Secures Private Data and Remote Wipes


emergency wipe by s4bb

EmergencyWipe secures your private data from unauthorized access. If you are in a situation you need to quickly erase the confidential data of your BlackBerry, EmergencyWipe for BlackBerry will help you. There are many apps that do something similar, and recently we learned of BlacBerry Protect, a service developed by RIM that will allow you to wipe data and track the device. Currently, the app is in closed beta so if you’re looking for a wipe solution, try this app. You can also try the free version of SmrtGuard, which allows for some data protection as well.

Features include:

* Wipes sensitive data
* Secured by double wipe confirmation
* Protects your data
* Protects your privacy
* Protects your contacts
* Protects your business
* All current models supported
* The current version may wipe
* Contacts
* Tasks / Todos
* Calendar events

More information available in the store.

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Happy Canada and Independence Day! S4BB Apps Only $0.99 Until July 7th


Canada Day is tomorrow and Independence Day is soon after on the 4th making this weekend a very patriotic time. For those international readers who may not know, Canada Day is a celebration of changing the country’s name from Britain to Canada. The US Independence Day is a celebration of our victory over alien invaders, proclaimed by President Thomas J. Whitmore.

To mark these two special occasions, S4BB is offering many of their apps for only $0.99 from now until July 7th. Check out all of S4BB’s apps on sale in the store.

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Free Spanish Audio Lessons and Learning Materials App From S4BB


S4BB have a new free app in App World called LearnSpanish that comes with 295 self-contained Spanish audio lessons that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The app is based on useful phrases and dialogues, a technique that has been known to be successful with adult learners. There is a great deal of value here for any student looking to complement their Spanish courses so they can learn on the commute to school. Also, considering materials such as Rosetta Stone will cost you $700, this is a bargain.

Download LearnSpanish by S4BB from App World.

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Backup and Restore Data to the SD Card Free with DataBackup Beta


S4BB have a free beta of a data backup tool that backs up your personal data on the microSD card. DataBackup also lets you restore the data back to the device’s internal memory. DataBackup for BlackBerry has gone beta 4 and is now available with new features bug fixes.

New features since version 0.1.7 (beta 4):

  • Feature add: backup & restore of categories.
  • Feature add: backup & restore of phone call log.
  • Feature add: wipe data before restore (optional).
  • Feature add: use current ISO date as default file name (can be adjusted in options).
  • Feature add: report for items that could not be backed up.
  • Feature add: periodic backups added (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Feature add: background color customizable.
  • Change:: general user interface improvements.
  • Change:: splash screen added.
  • Change:: better error handling.
  • Bug Fix:: email backup did crash.
  • Bug Fix:: task backup/restore; priority was wrong.
  • Bug Fix:: minor bug fixes.

Join the free and open beta program for DataBackup by S4BB.

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Free Italian Language Learning App LearnItalian From S4BB


S4BB have released a free app to help you learn Italian. The app has more than 400 self-contained audio lessons to pick from. Choose the lessons that suit your level and interests to build on your knowledge of Italian and your growing confidence with the language. All of the audio lessons are easy to understand, and since it’s mobile, you can study whenever it’s convenient.

Check out S4BB’s free LearnItalian app.

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