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Personal Safety App bSafe Launches on BlackBerry


Bipper has just launched their free personal safety app bSafe on BlackBerry. Already available for iOS and Android, bSafe broadcasts text-based SOS messages to your pre-selected contacts along with your GPS location with the press of a single button.
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Keep loved ones safe with BlackBerry panic button


The Alert Button is a simple application and hardware combo for your BlackBerry that is intended to act as a panic button in case you’re in trouble. The app is very simple to operate, whether you’re in the dark or in daylight. Just push the Alert Button, and a message is sent by text from your phone to all your specified contacts.

The above pic is an example of the message received when the Alert Button is pressed. Each person gets your chosen message plus a link to Google maps that will pinpoint your location. They can then use Google maps or any other mapping service to be directed to where you are,or telephone an Emergency number and ask for help.

This application is great for the elderly as well. If the user does have a fall, breakdown, attack or needs help in any way, the just push the Alert Button.

The hardware costs £54.99 and can be purchased directly form Freedom.

Survey: Runtime trumps cost and safety for battery-purchasers


BatteryA recent survey by Nexergy determined runtime was the top priority for those buying their batteries, which isn’t a huge surprise, but the fact that price was nearly the last thing on buyers’ minds was unsuspected.

“It was a bit surprising,” [Phil Glandon, Nexergy president and CEO] added, “that cost appeared so low on the priority list for both groups we surveyed, and nearly at the bottom among our marketing contacts. Battery performance clearly is seen as a core competitive advantage by our customers, and that should be the primary consideration as we make design decisions on new battery packs for our customers.”

Safety ranked number two on the list, and after seeing more than one incident of exploding cell phone batteries, we can certainly see why. There was also a surprising number of engineers who were unfamiliar with lithium-ion variants and other emerging battery technologies. If you’re in that boat, Giz actually had a solid post on different battery types and how they’re the major chokepoint for mobile technology.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Nomadz


Nomadz is a new personal safety tool for businesses and travelers. If you’re going to a foreign country, you can simply fill out your itinerary and you will be alerted to any potentially dangerous situations you might be involved in, from terrorist threats to thunderstorms. You can contact the Nomadz team if anything untoward happens, such as a car accident or injury, and they will alert the authorities, as well as get maps and directions to business meetings or wherever you need to go. They mention that they are working on a new health service, which will give you information on drug interactions and remind you of dosage schedules, and even give a second opinion based on information your provide. Definitely something to look out for at WES.