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RIM Appoints New Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer


RIM has announced the hiring of two new members of their executive team. The new COO Kristian Tear joins RIM from Sony Mobile Communications and the new CMO Frank Boulben who has held positions in both Vodafone and Orange.
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10 Ways to Sell Mobile Apps: An Interview With Rob Woodbridge and Untether.TV


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sell your app given the sheer volume of apps in many of the app stores. Developers often don’t have time or don’t want to market their apps, and would probably rather spend time coding and developing the apps. But apps can be more than hobbies, they can be businesses, startups and potentially a source of retirement (not likely but we can all dream). In an interview with Rob Woodbridge at Untether.tv, we talk about 10 clear ways that developers can sell their mobile applications. I also talk a lot about the startup I’ve been working on, Pretzil. It’s a mobile app discovery network so everything ties in nicely.
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Track Deals and Improves Sales With SmartFunnel for BlackBerry Smartphones


SmartFunnel is an app for your BlackBerry that provides a front end to the SmartFunnel web service. The SmartFunnel service allows you to track deals and sales opportunities so that you can better close on opportunities and make more money for your business. The app breaks provides a breakdown for progress on current deals as well as lays out opportunities for future deals. SmartFunnel is therefore perfect for small businesses that are looking for a specific solution for improving sales, but not necessarily looking for a CRM solution.
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Free Junk Call Blocker for BlackBerry with BBM integration


BlackBerry app developer S4BB has announced the launch of their Junk Call Blocker app. The app blocks unsolicited calls and has an ingenious social sharing component so you can share your blocked numbers list with your BBM contacts.

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RadioShack Announces One Million BlackBerrys Sold



RIM has sold a great number of smartphones and it’s thanks to their carrier partners and retail outlets like RadioShack. RadioShack recently announced that they’ve reached an impressive milestone: one million BlackBerrys sold.

Remember that RadioShack has a partnership with LIVESTRONG (The Lance Armstrong Foundation) in support of its global mission to improve wellness and fight cancer. For each LIVESTRONG product sold, RadioShack donates a portion of the profits to LIVESTRONG’s Global Cancer Campaign.

BlackBerry Torch Canadian Launch Kicks Off September 21st


torch 9800 canada launch

We last heard the Torch will be coming to Canada mid-September but it looks like end of September is more likely. A flyer going out to sales reps shows the Torch launch kicking off in Toronto on September 21st, then Vancouver on the 22nd and Montreal on the 23rd. From August 20th, to September 8th, if you’re a sales rep with one of the highest BlackBerry sales, you could win an invitation to the event where RIM is giving away a total of 75 Torch devices (25 at each launch event). Good luck!