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Reminder: Made Simple Learning Spring Sale Expires April 30th


Made Simple Learning provide reference books for BlackBerry and they cover a wide range of devices. They’re currently running a spring sale where all e-books and video are 25% off. This deal expires April 30th, 2010, so if you’re in the market for a reference book for your BlackBerry, you should take advantage soon.

To take advantage of the deal, use the coupon code “AE86090889” at the bottom of the product purchase page.

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Elecite premium BlackBerry themes now half price



Elecite is running a 50% off promotion starting September 2nd until the 5th. All Elecite premium BlackBerry themes are half off, and almost all BlackBerry models are supported.

To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code “0909” at the checkout.

Check out the Elecite premium BlackBerry themes sale.


Bplay themes now on sale for $2.99



Bplay has a sale on themes today where all their themes, NFL and college excepted, are going for $2.99. Here are some of the top selling themes on sale:

iBerry 2.0 Today Plus
Studio Flowers
iBerry Pink Zen
Solar Slideshow
Beaches of the World
iBerry 2.0 Today
Tranquil Garden
Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell Pink
Tickled Pink Zen
Deep Blue 2.0

Bplay BlackBerry games and themes now 99 cents



Bplay is offering a sweet sale starting now and ending at 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday, June 28. During this sale, you can purchase any Bplay game or theme for just 99 cents.

99 cent Bplay Games:
Backgammon King

Big Kahuna Words

Brain Up

Breeders’ Cup Horse Racing


Daytona USA
Click through to see the full list of games and themes available for 99 cents

Call Informer displays contact details before you answer a call



UPDATE: The link has been changed.

One thing I have noticed about the BlackBerry dev community, is that they’re great about making apps that improve the phone’s functionality, rather than just offer a party trick. Not that we don’t have our share of party trick apps, like Fabian’s whip, but there is so much more.

A good example of this is a new app called Call Informer. The app is designed to help sales people quickly identify and respond to incoming calls. Having contact notes available before you answer a call allows you to make informed choices about your response.

When you receive an incoming call from a contact in your address book, Call Infomer displays the following; Caller Name, Organization, Number (inc. type such as Home, Work, Mobile etc), Contact Notes (and previous call notes) and the date/time of the last time this contact called you and the date/time of the last time you called them.

You can update the contact notes right there or you can choose to send an sms to the caller and all of this can be done from one screen before you choose to answer the call.


* Information displayed on screen as call arrives
* Contact notes and time of last phone contact is displayed
* Update contact notes without having to leave screen
* Send sms to caller without having to leave screen
* Perform all actions before answering the call
* Allows you to make informed decisions about your call response

Call Informer is available for $9.50 or on a free trial.


Happy 4th Birthday BlackBerry Cool!


bbcool birthday

The beginning of March marks the 4th year that BlackBerry Cool has been around. We started off fairly small with only a few Google ads and a lot of posts. Over the 4 years we’ve been reporting on BlackBerry, the device has gone from this, to this.

Also, our traffic has over the years gone from almost nothing to over 1 million uniques and 5 million pageviews per month!

To celebrate, we’re offering 20% off in the BlackBerry Cool store. Just use the code “BBCOOL4YEARS” which is good until Friday.

Thank you for reading BlackBerry Cool and we’re looking forward to 4 more years!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry guys, the discount only applies to software.