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BoxTone teams up with Interchange for UK service


Wonder Twins BoxTone partnered up with Neverfail just before WES, and now they’ve got one more buddy to add to their friends list. Interchange works on SalesNOW, a CRM solution, and will be distributing BoxTone modules and services across the UK. BT and O2 are among some of their shared customers, big names both, and will surely work to both of their advantages. After getting back from the UK, I was actually kind of surprising how few people had heard of BlackBerrys…

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Interchange Solutions


SalesNOW logoSalesNOW from Interchange Solutions is a contact and deal management suite. It comes in solo, web, and enterprise flavors, but all feature a web-based backend and full-featured BlackBerry client. All changes made on your phone are synced with the web server and vice versa, and you can tie in your emails, calendars, and task lists with clients in the SalesNOW database. They boast companies with over 200 sales reps and half a million records in their client roster. If your interest is piqued, you can check ‘em out in booth #551 at WES.