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SameCell updated, now featuring tabs and events


SameCell for BlackBerrySameCell has a had a significant upgrade today, now packing tabbed browsing, event and location features, and including some extra functions if you happen to have GPS. Of course, the SameCell’s really great if you don’t have GPS, since its location-based services are all based on cell tower recognition. In fact, SameCell was the very first app I saw that use the technique, and since then Google Maps and even the BlackBerry Bold has started doing the same thing. They’ve also got a cool program where you get paid for discovering new cell towers not in their database. The core functionality of being alerted of buddy proximity remains – the only trick is getting your friends to install the app on their BlackBerrys. Go ahead and check out the new features or head on over to www.samecell.com/setup on your Browser to get started.

SameCell pays out for cell tower info


SameCellThe free proximity detection service, SameCell, has launched an interesting new cell capture program that pays out two cents for every new cell tower you access on your GPS-enabled BlackBerry. The goal is to compile enough info on tower locations to improve service accuracy, and a pretty clever way to go about it, too. You only get paid out once your earnings hit $25, and even then, you can opt to donate those earnings to a charity instead. If you’re using SameCell anyway, it’s worth giving a shot, since the application just runs quietly in the background.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 7


BrokeItSimon Sage takes his maiden voyage on the BlackBerry Cool Podcast, talking with Karl Susman from BrokeIt.com about the week’s big news, as well as a few juicy new tidbits. Last Friday’s BIS blackout and RIM’s site updates are on the plate, along with some of Karl’s inside info on T-Mobile’s upcoming BlackBerry 8320. After that, we go over Sprint’s BlackBerry 8130 and the future of streaming video on BlackBerry. Then we take a turn to location-based services, talking about SameCell, the free proximity detection service. To cap it all off, we get a full run-down of the upcoming Desktop Media Manager and new multimedia sharing functions. Take a listen! You know you wanna.

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SameCell offers free proximity detection between BlackBerry users


SameCellMiblackberry just spotted a pretty sweet service by the name of SameCell, which recognizes which cellular tower you’re using, and identifies whether specified friends (pulled from your existing address book) are on the same one. If they are, you get a quick e-mail alert to let you know that your contact is nearby. Stuff like this is great, since it breaks the mould of location-based services equating to GPS hardware. Given, you won’t get the same precision as GPS, SameCell is completely free while it’s running its noble beta course. Sometimes just knowing your buddies are in the neighbourhood is good enough. Right now the software is only for BlackBerry, but compatibility for Windows Mobile and other smartphones is in the works.