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Spanson sues Samsung, wants to halt BlackBerry sales


Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

File this under: interesting to follow, but not going to happen. Spansion, the number 3 worldwide maker of flash memory chips, has sued Samsung, the Samsung is the world’s biggest memory chip maker, citing patent infringement.

“Spansion has patents that are fundamental to flash memory. Samsung itself has cited these patents many times in its own patent filings, underscoring industry acceptance of the fundamental nature of Spansion’s (intellectual property),” Robert Melendres, Spansion’s general counsel, said in a statement.

This story gets interesting, however, when it is noted that Spansion also wants to block all U.S. sales of BlackBerrys, iPods and many other electronics because they use Samsung chips. Spansion claims more than “100 million mp3 players, cell phones, digital cameras and other consumer electronic devices” are made with Samsung flash memory chips that violate Spansion patents. While it is highly unlikely that we’ll see a hold in BlackBerry sales due to this lawsuit, it will be interesting to see how much Samsung will pay to make this go away, and if that cost will be passed down to the consumer — namely, us.

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Media Network Roundup: November 3rd-7th


Here’s a brief rundown of the week that was from your friendly family of bloggers in Ottawa, Canada. Below you’ll find news from our WinMo and mobile entertainment blogs, with a bunch of great BlackBerry Cool content after the jump.

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BlackBerry Cool News Roundup

RIM captures 10% slice of American market pie


Pie Strategy Analytics (hey, we know those guys!) recently published a report saying RIM has captured a solid 10% of American cellular sales in the last quarter. A total of 41.9 million handsets were shipped, which is up 5.3 percent from last year, making it an expanding market that’s getting harder to fill. Motorola still maintains lead position, with LG, Nokia and Samsung hot on their heels. Those are a lot of competitors to chew through, but RIM’s continued upward trend could earn them an even bigger slice of the pie over time, especially if Motorola’s new boss can’t turn things around and Nokia fails to provide a solid alternative to BlackBerry Connect. LG remains the number two dog right now, and with the likes of the Keybo floating around, it’s easy to see them as a potential BlackBerry competitor.

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Alltel launching red BlackBerry 8130


Alltel 8130A facelifted CDMA Pearl will be available on Alltel this quarter, alongside the LG Scoop and Samsung Muse. The original blue-grey one launched over the holidays, and I guess this red one’s just in time for the coming onslaught of Valentined-up handsets. For info on preorders, head on over to www.alltel.com/style.

BlackBerry beats iPhone in typing accuracy test


iPhoneNot that we’re biased towards covering this sort of thing, but User Centric has just finished a text messaging test which had iPhone, BlackBerry and Samsung E300 users send multiple messages from their devices. BlackBerry users had the best error rate, sitting at an average 2.1 errors per message followed closely by the number pad texter at 2.4 errors per message. The iPhone, however, suffered a wooping 5.6 errors per message. Youch. Expertise was a non-issue, as the error rate remained steady across all levels of iPhone experience. Speed between iPhone and BlackBerry typing was about on par, but that doesn’t do much to soothe the sting on the virtual keypad faithful.

RIM’s testing partner expands facilities


MetricoMetrico has recently announced that they have expanded their testing facilities sixfold, and are ready to continue doing testing for not only BlackBerrys, but for Samsung, AT&T and T-Mobile’s devices as well. Wireless testing is no small endeavor – these guys create simulated human skulls, complete with fluids, to test their effects on transmission quality. Some of Metrico’s dummies use $20,000 ears that mimic human characteristics. Yow, testing really is no joke for these guys.