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How RIM Might Implement BlackBerry Messenger on Other Platforms


The rumor has been going around for some time now that BBM will be heading to other platforms. We decided to revisit the topic as it was something discussed a lot at BlackBerry World and we’re still getting companies asking us about it. The problem with the rumor, is that RIM and the carriers know the real value in BBM is not as a successful messaging platform per se, but rather its value as a customer retention tool. We’ve heard carriers consistently say that BBM is the number 1 customer retention tool for BlackBerry devices, as users will purchase another BlackBerry simply to not lose those BBM contacts. So given that understanding, why would RIM want to open it up to other platforms and give those users an out? They wouldn’t; but here are a few ways they may implement.
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Video Shows PlayBook Email and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer


BlackBerry PlayBook for Business

RIM’s BlackBerry for Business blog posted a video demoing a simple way that the PlayBook can be used for business including reading and flagging emails, viewing presentations, and using business applications such as Flash-enabled dashboards from SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.
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BlackBerry Bold 9780 Demo at South Africa Innovation Forum Tomorrow


The BlackBerry Innovation Forum is an event for Alliance Members and people looking to discover more about what the BlackBerry Platform has to offer. The event is geared towards the business community and it looks like a way of bringing people together to discuss mobile strategy and giving them access to RIM technical people who can help carve the best path to mobilizing their business.

According to @Consnet, an SAP CRM company from South Africa, tomorrow’s South Africa event will feature the new Bold 9780 and Torch integrating to SAP.

Register for the BlackBerry Innovation Forum here and for South Africa here.

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie says BlackBerry trumps netbooks


Netbooks are getting a great deal of attention in the tech industry because they’re seen as the stepping stone from laptop to mobile. RIM does not see the netbook as competition and will continue to make powerful smartphones that will ultimately make the netbook obsolete.

“Form factor is a personal preference but it’s got to be something that lasts the better part of the day and you can hold up to your ear and clip onto your belt,” he said in response to our question about his vision for future products. “Those are a very tight systems constraints for a netbook.”

In response to the netbook offering a keyboard and screen experience not available for mobile, Jim says:

“If you want richer keyboards and richer displays you can just use perphiperals and bluetooth.”

Bob Stutz an executive from business software supplier SAP, which delivers business applications to BlackBerry devices, went on to completely dismiss the netbook.

“We’ve been down this route with these kinds of devices,” he said, “Why we are doing this with RIM today is because these (other) devices don’t work,” he said, noting that consumers want sturdy, inexpensive and well connected devices.

“Customers really have been down the gamut … They’ve been down this path. At the end of the day what we’ve really found is that if they can do it on a BlackBerry that’s what they’ll want.”

What do you think, will you buy a netbook?


RIM and SAP partner for a custom CRM solution to help enterprise



RIM and SAP have announced a new BlackBerry Sales Client for SAP CRM. This client gives sales reps, a major client base for RIM, the ability to get secure, real-time access to customer information in SAP CRM with the same seamless and intuitive experience they have come to expect from BlackBerry. The new solution is being showcased by SAP and RIM at SAPPHIRE 2009 and was recognized at the show with an SAP Pinnacle Award for Innovation.

The BlackBerry is an incredible tool for sales people and companies such as Maximizer CRM are always looking to improve the sales rep’s ability to track clients and increase sales. SAP and RIM are providing a custom solution for SAP CRM clients that will help organizations generate additional revenue in a time when cash flow is crucial.

Features of RIM and SAP’s solution include:

  • Instant Access to Up-to-Date Information - In just one or two clicks, users can gain access to up-to-date client information from a BlackBerry, including contacts, sales leads and logged activities.
  • Push-Based Notifications - The new solution can automatically push all customer data updates in the SAP CRM system immediately to the user, as well as pushing sales leads immediately to the sales representative’s BlackBerry inbox with one-click access to the new information.
  • Access to CRM Data Anytime, Anywhere - This new solution enables contacts and account information to be continuously accessible on BlackBerry, and a local cache system allows access to certain information even if the user is outside of network coverage.
  • Advanced Security - SAP’s established enterprise application security combined with the renowned wireless security of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution provides end-to-end encryption to help protect confidential customer information whether stored on a BlackBerry, in transit, or in the SAP CRM application. IT administrators can also securely deploy the BlackBerry Sales Client for SAP CRM to users over-the-air.

WES 08 Interview: 3i


BBCool LogoWe talked for a bit with the glue that put SAP and BlackBerry together, namely involving the ability to push out approval requests over the SAP server. This was kind of a big deal at WES this year, and this interview really outlines the extent of SAP and BlackBerry’s partnership for integration. Check out 3i’s site for more info, and you can download our interview here.

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