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ScanLife Barcode App Updated with Coupons, Pricing and Nutrition Information



The ScanLife barcode app by Scanbuy is a reliable barcode scanner that many users have been using especially since BBM has stopped being able to scan barcodes for many recently. Perhaps it’s a bug in BBM or RIM has canceled the functionality in order to leave it up to third party developers. Either way, ScanLife is a decent alternative that has been updated to include digital coupons on every day products, prices and availability from local stores and detailed nutrition information from thousands of food products.
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Scanbuy announces BlackBerry compatability


ScanbuyScanbuy has announced that their 2D barcode scanning app for cameraphones is now available for BlackBerry. Using their software, you can now take pictures of particular barcodes similar to those being worked into airports with your Pearl or Curve to access related content like music, pictures and information. They’ve already got a bunch of partners doing some pretty interesting things with the technology, such as the Paris Metro which delivers point of interest and transit information using the barcodes, and Codilink who’s using it to deliver and redeem coupons. There are a lot of great opportunities for this kind of stuff, that’s for sure.