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ScanLife Running Holiday Giveaway with Apple TV and Amazon Kindle



ScanLife is running a contest right now where they’ll be giving away prizes ranging from an Apple TV to an Amazon Kindle. The contest is simple to enter and involves:

1. Using your ScanLife app on Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone, scan any UPC barcode on a product of your choice.
2. Once your content loads, click on the Daily Holiday Giveaway banner (shown above)
3. Select the “Twitter” button to follow ScanLife or “Facebook” button to post on your wall.

Grab ScanLife free in App World.

Get it in app world
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ScanLife Barcode App Updated with Coupons, Pricing and Nutrition Information



The ScanLife barcode app by Scanbuy is a reliable barcode scanner that many users have been using especially since BBM has stopped being able to scan barcodes for many recently. Perhaps it’s a bug in BBM or RIM has canceled the functionality in order to leave it up to third party developers. Either way, ScanLife is a decent alternative that has been updated to include digital coupons on every day products, prices and availability from local stores and detailed nutrition information from thousands of food products.
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ScanLife barcode reader for BlackBerry now includes UPC/EAN codes


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ScanLife barcode reader for BlackBerry has been updated today. Previously, ScanLife could read 2D codes such as QR, Datamatrix and EZcode. With the latest version, you can read UPC/EAN codes from all major products, books and DVD’s. After scanning, you can compare prices from Google and shop around for a deal. Any BlackBerry can be used to read 2D codes, but you must have an AF camera to scan UPC codes such as the Tour, 9700 or Storm.

To download ScanLife, go to GetScanLife.com from your BlackBerry or visit BlackBerry App World.

For more about QR code readers for BlackBerry, see our roundup post.

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