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SlickTasks Task Management App Now Available on BlackBerry 10


SlickTasks is a productivity app by Glam Software that helps users manage tasks on BlackBerry 10. Loaded with features, SlickTasks has a clean user interface that’s optimized for getting things done.
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Recall Reminder for BlackBerry Helps Manage Missed Calls for Free


Most of the phone calls I end up ignoring happen during meetings. Now there’s a productivity app by Italian developer Libuma that helps you schedule a callback with just 2 clicks from the call log.
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Future Scheduler for BlackBerry Automate Useful Functions


Future Scheduler is a productivity app for BlackBerry that lets you
automate various tasks and activities like sending an email, text
messages, connect a call or may be social media updates. The idea is
to simplify your life.
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Free Travel App TripIt Tops a Million Users


Concur’s travel app TripIt helps travellers by providing a suite utilities that help them get live information about their flight’s status. The software provides notifications on any delay your flight may have as well as can offer easy navigation of alternate flights.
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RIM Acquires Innovative Calendar App Maker Tungle.me


RIM has announced its acquisition of Tungle.me, makers of the innovative calendar and scheduling app. Tungle.me has an ingenious system of plugging into existing calendar apps and the cleverest feature of being able to share your availability with people you wish to meet with. Ease of use, compatibility and portability are design philosophies that have led to Tungle’s popularity among 40% of Fortune 1000 companies and lots of universities and colleges.

No direct news on whether or not the new RIM-led Tungle will continue to develop and support software for the two competing mobile platforms they support: iOS and Android. In the open letter to customers about the acquisition, Tungle CEO and founder Marc Gingras wrote that the “Tungle team is focusing on putting the puck in the net for you, our customers.” This leads me to believe that they won’t be dropping out of markets they are already a success in.

Tungle.me should make a good addition to RIM’s first-party software library.

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