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Free Scheduling Application Neatcall Available in App World


Neatcall is a free personal mobile scheduling assistant that seems to work much like Tungle by providing the optimal timeslot for any type of communication. Where Tungle focuses on scheduling meetings in general, Neatcall seems to break the type of meeting down into face-to-face, conference call, web meetings and video conferences.

Features of Neatcall include:

  • Scheduling all online and offline communications through one application.
  • Offering several time slots and automatically selecting the optimal one.
  • Unlimited events and unlimited number of invitees!
  • Multi messaging – you decide how to send invitations to your colleagues, by EMAIL, simple SMS, or WAP link.
  • Analyzing the responses content of all messaging formats.
  • Speed Mode Reply mechanism – picking optimal time slots in seconds.
  • Four different scheduling situations: “Full Match” if all users pick the same time slot, “Best Match” if one time.
  • Slot is picked by most invitees, “Equal Match” if there are more than two equal time slots and “No Match” when there is no selected time slot so you can offer new time slots.

I’ll have to play around with this app more to determine what advantages, if any, it provides over the Tungle app. It’s great to see that it’s free so you have nothing to lose by checking it out.

Download Neatcall for free in App World.

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Datepedia v.1.0.3 for BlackBerry Curve 83xx, 88xx Series Reviewed!



Looking for… oh… what’s it called again? Oh yea… no… lost it. Wait! Some application to help you remember really important events and holidays? Datepedia by Mobatech will help you do just that.

Datepedia is a neat little app that lets you export various events and holidays to your calendar, whether it be native to your country, your religion, or your preferred sports league. Yup, the makers of Mobile Bartender – another cool app that includes over 200 drink recipes and duly encourages my drinking and forgetfulness – have created an app that can combat even the worst of hangovers. If you’ve got too big a headache to remember the newly created Family Day, Datepedia may be the one thing that vindicates your playing hooky.

Datepedia v.1.0.3 for BlackBerry Curve 83xx / 88xx Series Review Quick Links


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StudentDocket v.1.0.809 Reviewed!


Student Docket

Some of you may remember Simon’s review of StudentBerry, a premier tasking application designed specifically for students with BlackBerry devices. To be fair, some of you may not.

Now called StudentDocket, this application aims to help students organize their tasks, projects and assignments, allowing users to view them in an eye-pleasing, well-organized fashion. For all you students out there, this is a must-have, and since it’s being sold in a bundle package with Cram for a limited time (you can still get the two together for a reasonable $24.85), there’s no better occasion to pick up these two academic tools in time for next semester.

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