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Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Schwag Unboxing


What would a launch party be without free schwag? Telus gave each attendee a sweet gift bag in addition to a free BlackBerry Storm at their launch party, which is a great way to make a lowly blogger feel like VIP. Favorite piece of schwag? Probably the Stars tee shirt. Yes, the chocolate was tasty. Oh, and my kitty enjoyed the stuffed meercat.


Join the BlackBerry Cool Nation with a sweet tee shirt!


BlackBerry Cool tee shirtSeems like everyone and their sister wants one of our custom WES tee shirts, so we decided to hook you guys up. You can now head over to our Cafe Press site and buy the BlackBerry Cool tee in both black and white.

Who knows? Maybe our ‘Not Boy Genius‘ shirt will show up there soon…

BlackBerry Cool does WES 2008!!


RIM CEO Jim Balsillie and BlackBerry Cool EIC Douglas SoltysIt’s that time of the year again, folks — can you smell it in the air? BlackBerry 9000 Bold, Jim Dog, Mikey L., John Mayer: it’s the smell of the 2008 Wireless Enterprise Symposium. As we prepare to board our (soul crushingly early) flight to Orlando for the big show, we thought we’d take a minute to let you know how you can stay up to date on all the latest info.

BestofWes.com: Sponsored by Digby, this page is your destination to everything BBCool has to offer at WES 2008. Videos, interviews, podcasts, photos — you name it, it’s there. Be sure to hit the page early and often, or follow along via our mega RSS feed.

Vote Or Die. BestofWes.com is also where you’ll stay up to date on BlackBerry Cool’s first annual Best of WES contest. You can read about each entrant’s offering in all categories, find out who the winners are, and even vote your own favorite in our People’s Choice Award: it’s the most important vote you’ll make this year!

Keep In Touch! On top of our Flickr and YouTube feeds, you can also keep in touch with BBCool staffers using our WES Twitter feed. If that’s not enough for you, readers with a Twitter account can also participate in the conversation! Let us know what you want covered, or where the good parties are! We’ve also got an Event set up on Facebook through our fan page, where attendees can share pictures and get in touch with other WES-goers.

Meet The ‘Cool. Love The ‘Cool. Ever wanted to meet your BlackBerry heroes? You can, Tuesday through Thursday, from 5pm to 6pm at the BoxTone Lounge. We’ll be podcasting (sponsored by Cortado) at that time every day, so come on down to listen in, shoot the breeze, or get an autograph (we keed, we keed: BBCool Simon charges for those, anyways).

WIN SWEET PRIZES!! Did you know that Chalk is giving away $1500 in cash as well as a sweet BlackBerry Cool prize pack? Go here to find out how you can win.

Hope to see you there! Until then, check out some of the sweet schwag we’re bringing to WES after the jump.

Schwag? Yes please!