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RIM’s Management Changes Are For the Best


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It seems that every time the blogosphere catches wind of a management change, either the post is written as “another nail in the coffin for RIM” or the post follows a series of “bye bye RIM” comments. There doesn’t seem to be much talk around the fact that management changes are a) normal in a large company b) most likely motivated by career advancement and not company stock price and c) good for bringing new blood to the company. Here are some RIM management change stories that have been coming up:

Did RIM lose its BlackBerry software boss just ahead of QNX transition? – Yes, it makes sense that a company transitioning to an entirely new platform would lose its VP of Handheld Software. The handheld software is what everyone has been complaining about so it’s not such a bad thing that the VP is out.

RIM loses BlackBerry PlayBook product manager to Samsung – The PlayBook was announced early, delayed and eventually came out lacking features that garnered it pretty harsh initial reviews. Is losing the PlayBook’s product manager therefore a bad thing? Probably not.

RIM Marketer Joins a Rival and RIM CMO Out on Eve of Playbook Tablet Launch – RIM’s marketing team is constantly getting criticized because they couldn’t convey the right messages about the BlackBerry Platform. To this day, you still find people who own a BlackBerry and have no idea it runs apps. We should be happy the marketing team is getting new leadership.

Research In Motion Announces Retirement of Don Morrison – The COO has probably made a lot of money in his years at RIM and would rather spend his time in the Muskokas.

Research In Motion Provides Management Update and Details On Cost Optimization Program – The only troubling thing here is that it seems like the same old guys are just moving up a rank or expanding their duties. It doesn’t seem like much has changed really.
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RIM Announces Acquisition of ScoreLoop to Improve Gaming Platform


RIM has announced that it has acquired the social gaming platform ScoreLoop. The company will be joining the BlackBerry platform and bringing their expertise in creating social and collaborative gaming toolkits for mobile developers to the BlackBerry platform. If you’re not familiar with the company, check out the above video. Essentially, ScoreLoop helps developers by helping them create community and loyalty programs within their games. If you have a fun, addictive game, plug it in to ScoreLoop and enable community messaging, rewards, points and more.

So far, RIM has announced the BBM Social Platform as a way of helping developers create a messaging and app sharing community around BBM, and it looks like they’ll be using the ScoreLoop team to help complement this environment. It will probably end up looking like the iOS Game Center but with a mobile BlackBerry look and feel (using BBM).

This is an awesome acquisition for improving mobile gaming on the BlackBerry platform because it will give developers access to more APIs and tools they can use to improve their games. On the other hand, RIM could have acquired a company that was a little more than just gaming. It would be interesting to see something like ScoreLoop but for all apps, not just games.

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