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Apple is Having Problems With Siri in Scotland


Apple’s latest Siri product is pretty cool for hands-free usage of the device but the company is having a hard time getting it to work in Scotland. The Scottish accent is difficult for humans to understand and it turns out it’s nearly impossible for computers to figure it out too. In the end, most Scots end up smashing the phone in a blind rage.
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Vodafone offering BlackBerry 8310 starting September 3


VodafoneWell, that didn’t take long. Vodafone has officially announced the release of the BlackBerry 8310, complete with GPS capabilities. Any Brits in a rush to get this will have to go with Vodafone, since the carrier has a 2-month exclusive on the BlackBerry stretching until the end of October. On the plus side, they’re offering a full year of free navigation service to make use of that snazzy new GPS unit. Cost seems to vary based on what plan you have with Vodafone, so best talk with them to figure out how much you’ll have to shell out. Can anyone in the UK give us a ballpark?

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BlackBerry 8310 coming to UK soon


UKWord has it the GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8310 could be washing up on British shores sometime soon. Not to liken such a sleek, sumptuous device to the likes of mangled driftwood, or anything. No clues as to carrier, but seeing as how Vodafone was the first to bring it out in Germany, it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to be carrying it in the UK as well. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as things get official.