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How Much Should it Cost to Develop a BlackBerry App?


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ScreamingToaster has made a few BlackBerry apps that are available in App World they have an interesting blog post on the cost of mobile app development. The post attempts to dispel some myths about the development process as well as shine some light on the costs of developing a smartphone app. One of the more interesting parts of the analysis is a breakdown of the three types of people you will meet as a mobile development shop for hire:

1. People who think that mobile development should cost no more than $5-10K, regardless of what their requirements are (because their requirements are always ‘simple’, so they claim).
2. People who think that web views that pass for mobile apps should cost between $10-20K. These people are being taken for rides by a lot of ‘consulting’ companies.
3. People who think that mobile development should cost over $250K for any mobile project. Some lucky consulting companies (who have very few customers) are getting very lucky from this group of people.

Figuring out what to pay to have your mobile app developed depends on a lot of factors and determining what to charge is equally difficult. Read the post for the full analysis of app development costs and factors.

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WordPress for BlackBerry Now Available Free in App World



The WordPress app for BlackBerry is at version 1.0 and is now available for download in App World. This app was in public beta for some time, and is now available free in App World.

Features include:

  • Reworked UI layout for the main view, blog view, and media view.
  • Ability to upload videos from your media library.
  • New option to set media file properties (filename, caption, title, and position).
  • Created a new file browser that resembles the native BlackBerry file browser.
  • Big improvements in the speed at which you can view and manage comments.
  • Lots of optimizations for uploading photos and videos using base64 encoding.
  • Indonesian language support.
  • Improved French language support.

Considering the Wicked WordPress app by Screaming Toaster is $10 per year, it would be great if this free version ends up packing as many features.

Download WordPress for BlackBerry in App World.

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ScreamingToaster’s Wicked WordPress app for BlackBerry launches


The Wicked WordPress app for BlackBerry by ScreamingToaster is developed for those who have a WordPress blog that’s 2.7.1 or higher, and a BlackBerry Bold, Javelin, Storm or Tour.

With this app, you can do all the basic functions as well as some higher level functions. You can write and edit posts and comments, manage your blog with scheduling and To Do lists, and get everything synced in real time.

Wicked is definitely at the higher end of the app pricing spectrum at $30 for a 12 month subscription.

Download the Wicked WordPress app and you will automatically get a 14 day free trial when you run it.

Click through for more videos detailing the features of Wicked WordPress App for BlackBerry