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Amazing! Motek Mobile’s Screen Muncher Once Did 409,000 Downloads in One Day


Motek Mobile is a cool app company that has been making great apps for BlackBerry for a long time now. The company has 6.5M daily active users and recently, we heard the President of the company say that Screen Muncher once did 409,000 downloads in a single day. That’s a pretty incredible number by any standard and it definitely smashes the myth that BlackBerry apps can’t get huge download numbers. There are 77 million BlackBerry subscribers after all.
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Motek Mobile Developing App Recommendation Engine AppFriendly for BlackBerry


appfriendly by motek

If you use Motek’s Code Mucher, you may have noticed being asked to join AppFriendly. The network promotes the fact that AppFriendly gives app recommendations and when you accept the terms and conditions, it downloads an odd app to your device. The AppFriendly app doesn’t have an icon but it does sit on your device running some sort of system process, as seen in the app management settings.

From browsing the AppFriendly network, it looks like Motek is looking to build a social network with profiles, social integration, app ratings and recommendations. The service is obviously in Alpha stealth mode because none of the links work, but it still gives you an idea of how it works and the features it will have. Motek already has a community around their apps where they give users points that can be redeemed for digital goods, and it looks like AppFriendly is a way of extending this ecosystem to other developers. When asked about AppFriendly, Motek responded with: “It’s in Alpha mode right now so we can’t say too much at this point but definitely will share more with you when it’s ready.”

Hit the jump for screenshots of the AppFriendly network.
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BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010 SWAG Report


blackberry torch
AT&T are giving away free BlackBerry Torch’s for app ideas

We’re here at the BlackBerry DevCon and checking out the booths and SWAG. If you don’t know, SWAG is an acronym that stands for Stuff We All Get. It’s always fun to see what companies are giving out so we thought we’d put together a little roundup of the free junk that companies give away.
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