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Developers: RIM Introduces BlackBerry Java SDK 7.0 Beta for Augmented Reality, NFC and More


blackberry bold touch

The latest BlackBerry development kit looks to have some pretty awesome APIs and tools that developers can use to make the next generation of BlackBerry apps. Some particularly interesting APIs include the magnetometer APIs which allow for better navigation apps, as well as augmented reality and gaming. The Native Window API lets developers overlay a native window such as a camera or video view finder, or web browser. This sort of API is a great help when creating augmented reality apps. Also of great relevance are the NFC APIs which will allow developers to read the NFC chip to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices.

So what can we expect? Well it will be great to see some new games and augmented reality apps. Apps like Google Goggles are a fun way to discover your surroundings and hopefully an app like Poynt will get an augmented reality feature as well. It would also be great to see BBM use the NFC APIs to be able to “bump” your BBM contact rather than use the QR code. Hopefully RIM is on top of that.

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RIM Demonstrates Foursquare BBM Social Platform Integration


This video demonstration shows an ideal use case for apps integrating into BlackBerry Messenger.

The integration of the BBM in BlackBerry apps is really compelling and what better way to show it off than in this slick Foursquare implementation. Since the release of the SDK this April developers have been working towards adding these features into their apps so that they can enjoy the benefits of contextual sharing, messaging, access to contacts, location and in-app chat.
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RIM Announces BlackBerry Java SDK Beta for BlackBerry 7


Hot on the heels of the BlackBerry 9900 series announcement, comes the Java SDK beta for BlackBerry 7 OS. The SDK takes advantage of the advanced hardware found under the hood of the new Bold Touch such as the magnetometer, NFC, video capture, and Open GL .

Scheduled for release at the end of May, the SDK also has some new APIs on the software side of things like Unified Search, maps, menu items, multimedia, barcodes and options.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 are slated for release summer 2011, this SDK update will allow developers to optimize their apps for the powerful new device.

Read more about the Java SDK Beta at Inside BlackBerry

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First Impressions of Android Apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook #BBWC


Samurai II PlayBook game
The above is a really awesome 3D game called Samurai II that will be available on the PlayBook. Not an Android app but was showcased during the same keynote and got a great crowd response.

Mike Lazaridis took the stage to showcase some Android apps running on the PlayBook and we were simply blown away. For a long time we were asking ourselves how Android apps would run, and we knew that these apps had to feel native in order to be successful. The demo we saw today showed just that: Android apps running on the PlayBook with a completely native look and feel.

Android apps sit on the PlayBook’s homescreen just like any other app. You tap the icon to open the app and it boots up just as you would see it on an Android tablet. What’s incredible about the way RIM has implemented Android apps is the way they’ve replaced the standard Android Home, Back and Menu buttons with the PlayBook’s swipe gestures. For example, rather than press an Options button, Android apps use the bezel swipe from the top, making the apps, in some ways, better on the PlayBook than on an Android tablet. RIM’s approach to Android apps brings the PlayBook’s unique user experience, which can be described as “swipes” versus other tablets which are more “pokes”.
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Telmap the First to Offer BBM Integration in a Location App


RIM has been working on the BlackBerry Messenger SDK so developers could leverage the mobile social platform. BBM boasts 35 million users and has been gaining momentum as a platform ever since it launched in early 2006.

Telmap was the first to integrate BBM into their real-time location app since RIM’s announcement of the platform last September.

Telmap uses BBM to manage friends and permissions, then the Telmap Mobile Location Companion app displays the location. The Location Companion app allows users to navigate to their friends’ location either by car or walking.

Visit Telmap.com for more details.

RIM Announces Webworks SDK 2.0 and Final Version of AIR SDK for Tablet OS


adobe air sdk

On the day of the PlayBook launch, RIM has made the available the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK 2.0 for Tablet OS and Smartphones, and the final version of its BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR. These are 2 pretty important releases for developers looking to make apps for the PlayBook.

The BlackBerry Webworks SDK 2.0 features:
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