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More Pics of the Upcoming BlackBerry Curve Sedona


blackberry curve sedona

We’ve seen a lot about the BlackBerry Curve Sedona lately, probably because it’s arrived at the carriers for testing which is when all the device leaks are happening for RIM these days. The Sedona has a pretty standard look and feel to it, with a nice spec bump as well. A nice little addition to the device is the fact that the trackpad has a glowing outline to it, which gives it a cool Tron feel. The BlackBerry Style 9670 had this too. More pics after the jump.
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All New BlackBerrys Leaked Including New Curve Touch Malibu


blackberry curve touch malibu

We’re pretty familiar with RIM’s 2011 lineup for the most part, but a recent leak shows us a new device we haven’t seen before and it looks pretty cool. The BlackBerry Curve Malibu, a touchscreen Curve device, looks really slick and while the specs may not blow you away, they’re still a step up and the form factor is probably its best selling point. The device is rumored to be marketed as an “entry-level” device, much like the Curve series in general, so it should be interesting to see how this touchscreen device fares in the market.

Included with the device lineup leaks is some news about BlackBerry 6.1 and the improvements it will bring in terms of gaming, apps, graphics and augmented reality. OS 6.1 will feature something called “liquid graphics”, for smoother graphics processing, more homescreen and UI customization options, voice-activated Universal Search and a generally faster experience thanks to the hardware boost.

Other devices in the CDMA 2011 lineup leaked include: the Monaco (new Storm), Sedona (new Curve) and Montana (touchscreen Bold). Hit the jump for the leaked slides and details:
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Upcoming BlackBerry Curve Sedona Gets Pictured


blackberry curve sedona

Details of the new BlackBerry Curve have been circulating the Internet and it has some decent specs that are typical of RIM’s incremental upgrade strategy. The device is thinner, even smaller than the 9700, and it uses an EM1 battery. While the device won’t be running the QNX OS, it will feature OS 6.1 which comes with some cool new APIs for developers to make innovative apps for the device. Hit the jump for more pics.
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