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BlackBerry Storm/Curve 8900 1600mAh Extended Battery now available


Are you sick and tired of charging your brand new BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry Curve 8900’s battery every day just because you want to surf the mobile web, listen to some music and use BlackBerry Maps (oh, and answer an email or two)? Don’t get mad, get a Seidio Extended Life BlackBerry Battery!

Seidio’s new 1600mAh BlackBerry Battery adds up to 15% more capacity than your original Storm/Curve 8900 battery, giving you that necessary extra bit of juice to get through the day, and relegating your original battery to the ‘use in case of emergency’ pile.

Seidio is selling their 1600mAh Extended Life battery for the reasonable price of $44.95. You can find links to your device below.

BlackBerry Storm 1600mAh Extended Life BlackBerry Battery
BlackBerry Curve 8900 1600mAh Extended Life BlackBerry Battery