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Sensobi launch new version of their free beta app


Sensobi is a cool free app that lets you know who is falling off your radar. Before calling a contact, Sensobi will let you know when you last spoke and what it was about. The latest release of Sensobi, version 1.5.494, features real-time notifications, as well as a face-lift on their UI.

You can sign up for the free beta from their site, or grab it OTA from http://share.sensobi.com/

Enterprise-grade address book Sensobi beta - 100 invites!



Sensobi is an address book for enterprise professionals. The address book will keep detailed information about your contacts including when you last spoke and what it was about.

The developers of Sensobi have worked hard to integrate it seamlessly with your BlackBerry. You can do anything with Sensobi that you can with your existing address book. If you add/edit/delete a contact in Sensobi or the default address book, it will reflect the changes in the other. If you sync your contacts with your PC Desktop Manager or Microsoft Exchange, Sensobi will pick up those changes as well.

The application is currently free and in the next few months, the company will be launching a premium version as well. The app currently works with OS 4.2 or higher (i.e., any that support App World), with the exception of the BlackBerry Storm. Storm support is coming soon.

Sensobi are giving BlackBerry Cool readers 100 invites. Just go to sensobi.com/form/bbcool and use the passcode bbcool.

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