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How to delete sent emails on Blackberry and not your desktop


Its annoying to have all your sent items sitting on your device but it’s important to have them in case you need to review an old sent email. So, we need to delete the items on your device, but keep them on your desktop for future use. To do this requires a quick setup, and a routine task:

1. Go into your messages.
2. Click the Trackwheel and select Search.
3. Scroll down and change Show from Sent and Received to Sent Only.
4. Scroll down and change Type from All to Email.
5. Click the Trackwheel and select Save.
6. In the Title, give it a name. Recommended: Sent Only.
7. For a shortcut key, pick a letter. Recommended: “A”.
8. Click the trackwheel and click Save.
9. This will now search and pull up all of your sent items. To delete them all without impacting your desktop, highlight the top most date, click the trackwheel, and select Delete Prior.
10. Now, on a regular basis you simply:

* Go into messages.
* press Alt-A.
* view the sent only items.
* Click the trackwheel.
* Select Delete Prior. Done!