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Shape Services Launches Cross-Platform Messaging Platform Beep Within IM+


IM+ Messenger is one of the most popular IM apps for BlackBerry. The developers, Shape Services, have gone to great lengths to continually support BlackBerry and its users. IM+ has come a long way over the years and is now available on multiple platforms including BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With the latest release across all these platforms, IM+ features its own cross-platform messenger called “Beep”.
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RDM+ for the PlayBook Gives You Remote Access to Your Mac or PC


playbook RDM+

The latest app from SHAPE Services is out and this one is bound to please: a remote desktop app for the PlayBook. With RDM+ for the PlayBook, you can connect to your Mac or PC remotely (as well as more computers at no additional cost). With RDM+, you can send and receive emails, edit text documents, surf the web, manage files and basically do everything you usually do sitting in front of your home or office computer. There is no need to adjust the firewall settings or configure a router too. Features include:
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IM+ by SHAPE Updated with Neighbors Service and Russian Support


IM+ update by SHAPE

SHAPE Services let us know that IM+ for BlackBerry has been updated to version 9.0 and this most recent update brings a lot more features for Russian users. The IM+ app has been a very popular download as it lets you connect all of your favorite IM services and interact with them in a single application. In this most recent update, IM+ features:

  • Neighbors service is out of beta
  • VKontakte & Yandex IM services are now supported
  • IM+ is now also offered in Russian
  • SMS+ service is no longer supported
  • Bug fixes and performance optimization

The neighbors service is really interesting as it offers users the opportunity to find new real life connections and friends with common interests.

Head over to the SHAPE Services site for more information and download.

SHAPE Services Launches Neighbors IM+ Open Beta


IM+ by Shape Services

SHAPE Services has launched a cool version of their IM+ chat client called Neighbors IM+ which lets you locate friends on the map. When signed in, users of Neighbors IM+ will be able to locate friends on the map, chat with local friends as well as initiate conversations with other people who are located nearby. This app puts SHAPE in a fast-growing market of location-aware chat and social network services.

Head over to the SHAPE Services site to download the zip files for the beta.

Mobiola xPlayer App Updated with Dropbox and OS 6 Support


mobiola xplayer

Mobiola xPlayer is an alternative media player to the default BlackBerry Media Player that supports all major audio and video formats with Live Radio support. The app lets you watch video, listen to music and podcasts, as well as keep track of news feeds. Recently, the app was updated with support for BlackBerry 6 devices, as well as:
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Shape Services Launches IM+ Talk Out of Beta with Free Skype VoIP Calls



Shape Services let us know that their IM+ Talk app is out of beta and available for purchase or for you to test on a free, 7 day trial. Probably the best feature of this app is the ability to make free Skype VoIP calls over WiFi, as well as make VoIP calls over 3G/EDGE. With the holiday season approaching, even the 7 day trial of this app is well worth it. For those going overseas to visit family, this app could save you a lot of holiday cash.

Check out IM+ Talk from Shape Services at this link.

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