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SHAPE Services Apps Including IM+ for Skype Now 50% Off



The MobileHeist is back and this time we’re offering 50% off on SHAPE Services apps like IM+ All-in-One Messenger, IM+ for Skype, RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mobiles and more.

Get in on the action from you desktop or BlackBerry:

MobileHeist Desktop version.
MobileHeist BlackBerry version.

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Business Card Reader for BlackBerry by SHAPE Services



SHAPE Services has a new app that is a must-have for anyone attending conferences such as CES in January. Business Card Reader lets you scan a business card and the contact information is added to your BlackBerry address book. This app supports newer BlackBerry devices such as the Storm, 8900, Tour, 9700 because the app requires a decent camera with auto focus. Business Card Reader even supports French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Business Card Readers costs $9.95 and they have a 7 day free trial so you can check the accuracy for yourself.

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Remote Desktop for BlackBerry by SHAPE Services now on sale


Remote Desktop by SHAPE Services allows you to remotely access your desktop or laptop computer from your BlackBerry. You can send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents in word processor, copy, cut, paste files or folders and do hundreds other things that you typically do sitting in front of your home or office computer.

For more about Remote Desktop Manager for BlackBerry, read Collin’s review.

For today only, Remote Desktop for BlackBerry is available for $19.98 (regularly $39.95).

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Remote Desktop for BlackBerry by SHAPE reviewed



RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles, from SHAPE Services is exactly what its name implies, a remote desktop manager, and a pretty good one at that! As we go through this review, keep in mind you will have to install the computer-side client on the machine you want to remote to.

Here’s the quick rundown of features:

  • All connection types are supported: BES, BIS, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and HTTP connection are supported.
  • Blackberry joystick and keyboard navigation.
  • New Feature for Storm! Enlarging Glass:Touch and enlarge any fragment of the Desktop.
  • User interface is available in two languages: English and German.
  • Quick commands. You can use quick commands for starting/stopping system services and processes, viewing the list of desktop windows, checking system performance, displaying system information and rebooting or shutting down your computer.
  • One-time fee. All further updates are free.
  • All data, screen images, mouse movement and keys are encrypted for security reasons.
  • You can create a password when starting up application. Without this password no one can access your client address book.
  • Executing any console commands (like ping, netstat, ipconfig) is available.
  • History feature allows to find and re-send stored commands.
  • Full-screen view and zooming. In full-screen mode you can see the remote screen on the entire screen of your device. Zoomed mode lets you see enlarged fragment of the desktop in more detail. In zoomed mode you can also scroll the desktop up/down, right/left.
  • Switch between different modes using the predefined and your own hotkeys and create device-specific keys for mouse click and open desktop menu.
  • Navigational mini-map of your desktop which appears in the right upper corner while you scroll. Wi-Fi detection on your device.

Continue reading a review of Remote Desktop Manager for BlackBerry

Deal of the Day: Mobiscope webcam viewer for BlackBerry


The Deal of the Day today is Mobiscope by SHAPE Services. Mobiscope allows the user to view real-time webcam video and audio on their BlackBerry.

This is a great app for the family man too, as you can set up a webcam in your baby’s room and essentially take your toddler with you to work.

Mobiscope is available for $14.98 (regularly $29.95).


IM+ partners with Yap for voice-to-text instant messaging


Yap voice-to-text

SHAPE has been getting some bad feedback about their IM clients but they’re listening and are making improvements to their applications. Their latest update to IM+ for BlackBerry includes voice-to-text functionality powered by Yap.

With the latest speech recognition technology, users will be able to dictate their instant messages and send them as text to their contacts in Facebook, AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM.

Although I would use this product, it’s fun to joke about the social awkwardness surrounding voice-to-text instant messaging. What about the conversations you text that you don’t want people hearing? Let’s hope SEXting doesn’t make its way to voice-to-text.

I’ll let you know when a Beta version is out for you to try.