IM+ for BlackBerry Playbook Updated


All-in-one messaging client for the BlackBerry Playbook, IM+ has been updated to version 1.3.1. Compatible with nearly every instant messaging system in the world, IM+ allows you to use multiple accounts, even on the same service.
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IM+ by SHAPE Updated with Neighbors Service and Russian Support


IM+ update by SHAPE

SHAPE Services let us know that IM+ for BlackBerry has been updated to version 9.0 and this most recent update brings a lot more features for Russian users. The IM+ app has been a very popular download as it lets you connect all of your favorite IM services and interact with them in a single application. In this most recent update, IM+ features:

  • Neighbors service is out of beta
  • VKontakte & Yandex IM services are now supported
  • IM+ is now also offered in Russian
  • SMS+ service is no longer supported
  • Bug fixes and performance optimization

The neighbors service is really interesting as it offers users the opportunity to find new real life connections and friends with common interests.

Head over to the SHAPE Services site for more information and download.

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Shape launches free web-based IM conference service



Persistent.im went live today, offering a very cool cross-platform IM tool that works between AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM by delivering messages through a conference bot. This works just dandy on any of your mobile IM clients – just add the conference bot to your friends list, and messages will be sent and received between participants through it. With so many different platforms becoming popular, having common channels is increasingly important. Be sure to scope out our multi-service BlackBerry IM client review for a few more options along that vein. Persistent.im is free and running its beta, so go ahead and sign up if you like your existing chat client but want to get in touch with buddies elsewhere, too.


BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: 2008 Winners



You already heard what the people have chosen, and now to announce what the supposed experts have to say. Like we mentioned in last week’s podcast, it’s a tough call to make with such a wide range of products being shown off at WES. The judges for each category had their own set of standards (as you can see), so the results are bound to be highly subjective. The fact of the matter is every exhibitor at WES had something worth showing off, and these were just some of the few that stuck out in our judge’s minds.

Winners after the jump…

One-day sale on IM+


IM +Tomorrow, April 11th., we’re having a half-off sale on Shape’s outstanding BlackBerry messaging client, IM+, slashing the price from $49.95 to $25.95 with samurai-like furiousness. If you’re the type that needs to be on AIM, MSN, ICQ and Google Talk simultaneously, then IM+ is right up your alley. They’ve even got a system set up for sending cheap SMS messages right through the app. There’s a trial you can pick up now to see if it’s what you’re looking for, and if it is, keep an eye on the special offers page tomorrow!

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: SHAPE Services


SHAPE Services logoSHAPE Services has a grab-bag of different products, spanning a number of different niches. First up is GPSed, a trip-tracker which stores movement data in an online archive and lets users re-trace their steps with Google Maps, and even lets you attach photos to specific points on the track. There’s also Mobiscope, which hooks up to your surveillance system and can stream video to your BlackBerry in real time, and VR+ Voice Recorder, a tool for recording a short voice message and sending the resulting MP3 via email or storing it on the VR+ Online Storage to be shared with others. Last but not least is IM+ and its Skype companion. The two products together give you access to Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Jabber, ICQ, Google Talk, and MySpace IM all in one app.