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CTIA 2010: Cool Accessory – Wilson Electronics’ Sleek Boosts Signal


wilson electronics

Are you ever on a long road trip and your signal keeps dropping? Well this year at CTIA, Wilson Electronics is showing off their suite of cell signal boosting devices. Their newest product, Sleek, is a cradle-antenna combo accessory that works with any mobile device. All you need to do is install the cradle and antenna then stick you device in the cradle and your signal will be boosted.

To purchase a Sleek go to this link.

To check out all the Wilson Electronics products head over to their website.

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Converting signal strength from bars to RSSI



Did you know you can use ALT+NMLL to show the signal strength in RSSI form rather than instead of bars? It’s an interesting way to look at signal strength and I wouldn’t mind displaying it rather than the bars. The above table shows the translation between number of bars and RSSI. The RSSI numbers are a vendor independent standard. That means that they mean something different from each vendor compared to the standard dBm’s.

Does anybody know how to convert them?